While vaporizers and e-cigarettes are typically used with e-liquids, which are combinations of water, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and/or nicotine, here 40tbfacts.com are many people who also use vaporizers to vape dry herbs instead. While this is a more natural approach to vaping, the quality of each vapor hit may vary when using dry herbs, especially if the herb is not thoroughly ground and spread evenly across the heating element. Still, when done properly it is certainly possible to vape dry herbs, and doing so is probably just as safe as, if not safer than vaping e-liquids. With that said, let’s look at the facts on smoking vs. vaping, some of the herbs commonly used in vaporizers, and the types of vaporizers that are best for vaping dry herbs.

Most Commonly Vaporized Herbs

By far the most commonly vaporized dry herb is cannabis, but here http://wnyhealthshow.com are other popular choices as well, including Green Tea, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Hops, and Damiana. All of these herbs are very aromatic and taste great coming out of a vape pen or desktop mod system. While many people enjoy the most popular vaping herbs simply for the flavor or smell, some do it to take advantage of the herb’s benefits, For example, vaping chamomile can reduce stress and aid in digestion, while vaping peppermint can help with symptoms of asthma and nausea.

Smoking vs Vaping Herbs

As far as safety is concerned, vaping dry herbs is considered far less harmful than smoking the same dry herbs out of a pipe or rolling paper. Thousands of toxic chemicals are released when plant matter is combusted into smoke, making the smoke itself a rather serious health hazard. On the other hand, with vaping there are no harmful smoke byproducts, and the vapor is less of an irritant on the throat and lungs. Furthermore, vaporizing releases more active ingredients from the dry herb while also preserving more of herb’s the natural fragrances. Of course, vaping also reduces or eliminates other unwanted effects of smoking like bad breath and discolored teeth.

Kinds of Vaporizers Used to Vape Dry Herbs

Most people use vape pens to vape dry herbs, although it is possible to use a mod box or tube setup as well. The Kandy Pens K-vape is one particularly popular dry herb vaporizer pen that has become a favorite in the cannabis vaping crowd. Another popular selection is the DaVinci Ascent, which offers variable temperature control in an easy-to-use 4-button design. Other common models used for vaping dry herbs include the Puffit 2, Firefly, Arizer Solo, and Grenco G Pro.

Try Before You Buy

Fortunately, it is usually possible to find and try out many of the aforementioned vaporizers at a local vape shop, which is something you might want to consider doing even if you plan on buying the device online like at nadsClinic.com for a cheaper price. Be sure to choose an herb-friendly vape shop to do your testing at, and don’t let the salesperson pressure you into thinking that a purchase will be necessary to try the vaporizer, as most shops will let you try a range of models with no purchasing obligation.

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