Motherhood is one of the cherished wonders in the life of a woman. There is a change in priorities where the centre of attraction is your kids. As a mother, the onus is on you to provide your child with an environment where they can nourish. Each and everything your child will do in the future is dependent on what guidance you provide him currently. Now, let us start with the basic need of your child and that is food.

Breastfeeding is among the basic things which you can provide your child. The breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients. It is economical and will also help the uterus to return back to the old size. When you breastfeed your baby, it protects them from allergies or infections. But this is not an easy process and may not sound as natural as it looks. Sometimes mothers tend to become frustrated and abandon the process. This is where you need to avail the services of the best lactation consultants in Bangalore as they are trained professionals who can guide the mothers on how to breastfeed the baby. The technique of latching and when to leave it are all taught in detail.

All of us are part of a busy lifestyle and even if the mothers who are working may not find the time to breastfeed their kids or they are just too tired. Some may like to supplement it with formulas or expressing their breast milk and storing it in containers. But you cannot deny the fact that it is the basic nutrition for the babies and all the essential nutrients are part of it. In addition to this the presence of antibodies of the mother eradicates the possibility of any form of disease. It does ensure optimum health for both the mother and the baby which is the core principle that a lactation consultant in Bangalore tries to explain.

The first major tip of breastfeeding is to start the process as soon as the baby is born. This can be after 24 hours of birth. If you are concerned that your breasts have not produced enough amount of milk and your breasts are swollen or tender, the only thing which can help is breastfeeding. It will start the production of milk and remove all the pain. The most important attitude which is needed during the process of breastfeeding is patience. The first few weeks may be difficult and the baby will need to get used to it in the first few weeks after birth. The tip is that you need to be patient and hold the baby around the clock. With the passage of time you and your baby will adjust a schedule which will work for the benefit of both of you.

This is one of the critical stages as you will arrive at a situation where you would feel that it is better to opt for bottle feeding. But do not lose hope and continue to breastfeed your baby. This is just a passing phase and with expert guidance you will get over it. Sometimes the baby will stop the process when it notices that there is something different about you and the milk. Look at these changes and once again go back to the process of breastfeeding.

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