Exercise tends to come in one of two categories: anaerobic or aerobic. Within those two categories are many other categories, but those are the general divisions. Aerobic exercise is exercise in which you can consume enough air to oxygenate your cells. In theory, aerobic exercise can be performed for as long as you can continue steady breathing. Such activities include cycling, low intensity weight lifting, and jogging. Anaerobic exercise, on the other hand, is exercise that is too intense for you to be able to keep up with breathing. These exercises include sprinting, lifting heavy weights, and boxing.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise, commonly called cardio, is the type of exercise that is designed to strengthen your heart and veins. All exercise strengthens your heart, but cardiovascular exercise targets it. This is exercise that is lower in intensity and can be sustained for longer periods of elevated heart rate. Longer periods of elevated heart rate include stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. You can also include aerobics classes in the cardiovascular exercise category. If you join a Fitness First gym in Thailand, you’ll have access to many different classes and pieces of equipment for cardiovascular exercise.

Yoga, Pilates, and other similar classes tend to straddle the line between cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Weight Training

Weight training is the field of exercise designed to strengthen your muscles. Obviously, these are not completely separate branches of exercise. Running strengthens your leg muscles, and lifting weights strengthens your heart. The focus, however, is different.

Weight training can take place with just your bodyweight or you can actually lift weights. Body weight exercises are great for those who are just starting out in the gym or who are doing some kind of circuit. For example, if you are doing an aerobic class that involves some weight training, you might be doing bodyweight exercises. These exercises are great since they don’t require any equipment.

Free weights are generally regarded as the most effective way to build muscle; they build up the muscles targeted as well as stabiliser muscles that keep the weight steady. However, free weights require a lot of practice to use safely and effectively. If you join a gym, you should consider hiring a personal trainer to teach you how to use the weights properly. Alternately, you can use weighted machines to help guide you through the motions. Even those require some practice to use effectively, though.

You should make sure you are being safe, first and foremost. You cannot get in shape if you’re injured.

Group Exercise

Group exercise has been growing in popularity at gyms all around the world. These involve aerobics classes, yoga classes, and much more. Spinning on stationary bikes has become one of the fastest growing group classes. Classes are great since they provide accountability and competition that keeps you motivated.

So whether you are looking for some solo exercise or group exercise, a gym is great for you. You can build muscle, lose weight, and strengthen your heart. Be sure to pick a good gym with good trainers.

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