Spinal tumours are tumours that occur in the spinal cord of the human body. When an abnormal growth of tissue occurs and it forms a mass, then spinal tumour occurs in the human body. They are mainly of two types depending upon their location in the human spinal cord- extradural and intradural spinal tumours. Like all other tumours even spinal tumours gets better when diagnosed early and as most of the time it doesn’t happen so it becomes fatal. Learneverything you need to know about spinal tumours to stay aware of what it exactly is so that you can make people around you stay aware of it and save themselves before it gets too late.

Symptoms of spinal tumour

The symptoms depend on many factors like- age, family history, weight, types of tumour and many other factors as well. So, it is not necessary that two people have the exactly same experience, but it is still important to know about the most common symptoms so that you can stay aware of it and get to know what it really is.

Back pain is the most common symptoms of spinal cancer, but the pain is not like any normal pain; it is intense and unbearable. As the mass of tissue pushes the sensitive spinal cord nerve endings so this unbearablepainoccurs in the back. The paindoesn’t decrease with medicines and gets bad at night time mostly, and then you really need to see a doctor. Change in posture or hunchback are other symptoms as well. It can lead to paralysis as well if not treatedproperly at the right time. Numbness and inability to do small jobs are other symptoms of this deadly cancer. Tingling sensations are also felt by people in their arms and legs. People find it difficult to do every day simple tasks and itcan gradually lead to the deterioration of one’s quality of life. People found it difficult to walkand gradually they lose sensation of their various body parts. Spinal deformities and pain while standing up are other common symptoms of this cancerous disease. People even find it difficult while they have to urinate.

These are themost commonsymptoms of spinal tumours and if you notice any of them, then rush to your doctor immediately because delaying can get fatal for you and even in cases oneneed to go through   Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India and surgery is also something that you won’t want for yourself or for anyone you love.


It is mainly diagnosed with blood tests, X-ray tests, Computerized Tomography, Spinal MRI, and biopsy. Theseare the various ways by which this cancer is determined before the proper treatment can be started. Sometimes the tumours are not cancerous and are not harmful even and during these times one needs to stay calm and wait for the proper treatment to get well soon. At times one even need surgery, but there is nothing to worry about it because surgery can make you go back to living your normal life again and tumour on spine surgery recovery cost in India is also very much affordable.

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