Sports podiatry is a broad area and enables doctors to diagnose and treat foot-related pain. Podiatry also encompasses treating the feet of diabetics, who have special medical needs in foot care. In addition, podiatry extends to strengthening the feet through exercise. By exercising the feet, patients can prevent the incidence of injury and improve their overall foot health.

Flexibility Exercises

Besides, low-impact walking, resistance, and flexibility exercises can keep the feet healthy. Exercises that enhance flexibility assist in keeping the feet limber and injury-free. You do not have to worry if your feet have become stiff with age as you can still increase foot flexibility. This can be done through routine daily stretches that focus on one muscle group at a time.

Resistance Exercises

You can also reduce injury and strengthen the feet as indicated through resistance exercises. Resistance exercises are those activities where your muscles work against some type of force, such as exercise bands or weights. These kinds of exercises strengthen the muscles so they can provide better protection and support for the feet. The exercise bands that are used favour compression bandages in looks. However, they are offered in various colours.

You can incorporate foot resistance and flexibility exercises into a daily routine. In fact, most of these types of exercises can be performed during the normal workday. Do some of the exercises whilst seated at your desk or choose to do others whilst standing. To avoid any slips or falls, you want to go barefoot or have a desk, wall, or chair to use for leverage. Never do any foot exercise if it hurts.

Stretching the Muscles

Before exercising the foot, be sure to do some stretches first. If you have diabetes, arthritis, or a cardiovascular condition or structural problem that may affect your capacity to exercise, consult first with a podiatrist. You can obtain further information as well by visiting such sites as online.

In order to limber up before exercising the foot, sit in a chair with your feet positioned flat on the floor. Lift your left leg so the foot is off the floor, using the big toe to make air circles and moving clockwise for 20 rotations. Reverse the direction and rotate the big toe 20 more times in a counter-clockwise direction. Repeat the exercise with the right foot.

Stretching the Muscles on the Bottom of the Feet

To stretch the muscles on the bottom of the foot, stand with the feet side-by-side or together. Step back with the left leg so the heel is elevated and the toes press the ground. You should feel a gentle pull of the muscles on the bottom of the feet. Hold for 30 seconds.

Stretching the Heel Muscles

In order to stretch the back of the heel, loop an exercise band around a heavy leg of a piece of furniture such as a desk. Sit directly in front of the furniture leg and allow the exercise band to curl around your forefoot or just below the toes. Pull back the forefoot whilst flexing the ankle. Hold several seconds before relaxing. A stretch should be felt along the back of the heel.

Take advantage of these strengthening exercises and obtain further podiatric information by going online and reviewing the foot assessments, treatments, and therapies.


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