It may take a long time to recover from heart valve surgery. Through the recovery period, you may not  be able to do your normal activities and you may experience  emotional and physical changes. You may suffer from insomnia or chest pain. You may  need to take good care of yourself through regular exercise, good nutrition and the right medicines.


Following your return from hospital stay, you must spend a few weeks to months to recover from surgery. The time of recovery varies from person to person and is determined by your physical condition and age. It also depends on how you co-operate with your doctor. You must be ready for meeting with heart valve replacement cost in India.

In the process of your recovery, you may have to limit some activities. Majority of patients take weeks away from work. This depends on both the nature of work as well as your physical condition. Consult your medical team when you are ready for work. This also includes decision on when to resume driving.

For proper healing, avoid applying direct pressure on your wound. Avoid lifting objects that cause strain at least for 6 weeks. This includes grocery bags, set of milk cartons, heavy backpack, dog food bags or even a child.

Recovery may sometimes involve severe pain because of the surgery as well as medication. It is common to experience fatigue, swelling or pain.

You must also deal with emotional conditions like depression. To stay healthy, discuss and deal with  depression  with help of your doctor. Depression is a natural impact  of recovery from all  types of invasive surgery, which is a weakening and traumatic experience. Some also feel depressed because of inability to do work and sense of isolation.

Though it may be difficult, remember  that such feelings and sensations  are normal and part of the emotional and physical process of healing. They will surely  disappear with time. If they continue to cause discomfort, you must discuss with your doctor.


Some physical symptoms after surgery may be due to infection. These include:

  • Fever
  • Excessive swelling, redness and draining of incision
  • Swelling in hands and ankles
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Coughing or shortness of breath
  • Excessive dizziness, fainting, weakness and fatigue.


After your discharge from hospital, you need to do follow-up visits to doctor. She will monitor your condition, discuss any issue about diet or activities and prescribe medicines. Ensure that you let doctor know about any of your current medication including dietary supplements.

Doctor may discuss with you:

  • Anti-coagulant medication:

You may have to consume them  for a few weeks after surgery to prevent blood clotting. In case of mechanical heart valve,  this medication will be prescribed for lifelong use.

  • Diet in the recovery time

You may be advised special food items to relieve constipation which is the result of pain killers. Your diet must be rich in fiber and fruits.

  • Physical exercise:

You must follow a regular exercise regimen, designed by your Physiotherapist  or cardiac rehab facility. Trained professionals will design a program which provides minimum work out like  a regular walk, avoiding  strenuous activity.

These are some aspects of recovery from heart valve surgery.  Cost of surgery like mitral valve replacement cost in India is very less and this attracts medical tourists from other countries to seek treatment here.

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