People these days are very conscious as well as aware about the importance of health. They know it is the need of the hour that they need to go for it every 6months – 1 year. A lot of information regarding health has already been given and is still being given to us by advertisements, our family doctors and our friends and family. It is thus truly said that,’’ Health is wealth’’. If one possesses a good health, he is automatically saved from various others psychological and physical problems.

Government of India even has brand ambassadors for spreading awareness regarding the importance of health and importance of regular health checkup packages. Getting health checkups done on regular basis become even more crucial after the age of 40 for men and 35 for women because there are several problems associated with each of the gender.

Importance Of Health Checkups

  • Awareness: These are important for getting awareness about the changes happening in your own body. Not only this but it is also important for being aware about keeping yourself healthy and free from all diseases.
  • Diagnostic purpose: full body checkup often serve as a diagnostic tool for health care team for ruling out any disease that is in progress in the body or may happen in near future. Also there are several medical cases where the exact cause of the disease is difficult to understand, these also this checkup plays an important role in diagnosing the causes of that particular disease or infirmity.
  • Research purpose: These health checkups also serve as the basis for any research. When a medical team does any check up, new findings regarding the body functioning are highlighted and thus they get to study about new formations, new functioning. This adds to the medical progress of the country
  • Key to prevention: There are Preventive health checkups which are helpful in preventing various diseases. This procedure involves studying every part of the body with utmost proficiency. This helps in ruling out any problem or disease that may occur in near future. Thus concerned medicines or any other precautions can thenbe taken as a preventive measure. This saves a person from suffering through that disease, depression and other factors associated with that infirmity

Other than this, it is a point of great information that these health checkups are conducted differently for different groups. Health checkups need to be performed age wise. Like there is a age wise setup of different of undergoing health checkups, this is beneficial in ruling out any infirmity in our body.

Since the technology is so advanced now and different means have been developed for such checkups. The risks associated are the radiations and ultraviolet rays that may harm our skin as well as underlying tissues. Thus it is important to save ourselves from such things. It is necessary that every person goes for frequent health checkups like in every 6 months. Mostly the middle aged people should increase the frequency. This will serve as the best measure for a healthy society.

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