Result Oriented Workout Tips for a Skinny Guys

If you find yourself in the category of hard gainers and even after exercising for long, you are a true ectomorph. Here are a couple of tips you can use to gain muscle mass. You have to make a combination of workouts and the right diet to achieve your bodybuilding goals. It may be possible that you are training for several months or may be years, but you have made only little progress. I remember that I was in the same situation and struggling to put on some muscle mass right after graduation. I realized while struggling that I need to focus on simple components and the entire process will become a lot easier. As far as taking supplements are concerned, have a word with your physician about best steriod to stack with Nandrolone.

Selecting the right exercises

You are doing weight training for long so it is quite natural that you are aware about the exercises. You know the exercises, but you do not know that which exercises you are supposed to include for maximum benefits. If you visit a magazine stand or a bodybuilding website, you will find several exercises for a single body part. They ask to do one set of exercise with 12 repetitions. You can also read about superset technique or pyramid sets. At this time, you need to focus on simple compound movements to get faster results. These movements will increase the core strength in your body, this will enable you to hold good amount of weight while exercising.

I have seen people who are interested in bodybuilding for the sake of vanity; they emphasize more on biceps and chest training. These are single joint movements will not going help you in achieving significant muscle mass. On the other hand, if you focus on compound movements like shoulder press, bench-press, squats and dead lifts, then it will give a total body workout. Compound movements will burn your calories at a much faster rate. You can include three compound movements in your exercise routine and follow it with dedication.

Slowly increase the weights

I have seen people are too eager to increase the weight with which they are exercising. You cannot achieve muscle mass by adding more weight and compromising with the exercise technique. The strategy is to make your body grow itself by forcing it to do heavy exercises. There is a simple rule that if you can do for five repetitions only, then this is not the right time to add more weight. You can increase weight when you find yourself doing eight or more repetitions with the weight.

Eat well

This is not a difficult part, but you need to be aware about the right food. Include quality protein and healthy fats in your diet. You can take fish, eggs, chicken and lean meat. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet. Your fitness instructor will tell you about the best steriod to stack with Nandrolone.

Rest and recovery

Give proper rest to your body and your body will recover itself. Your body will use the nutrients in your diet to rebuild tissues and within the stipulated period, you will find yourself ready for another exercise routine. You have to sleep not less than seven hours every day and take a break from the exercises if you feel tired.

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