“There’s a first time for everything.”

This statement holds true for almost every person when they’re affronted by various situations and when going through experiences for the first time.

It’s imperative for people to go through numerous experiences as this is a necessary thing for learning. You’re also able to experience a lot of benefits because of these things.

When trying out new things, it brings a good type of anxiousness that also stimulates excitement. This is a normal reaction especially when you’re trying out beneficial activities. A good example for this is massage. There are some who are quite reluctant with these things. But with the numerous benefits it can provide and the relaxing time you’ll have, it surely is a must-try for many individuals.

If you’re planning to visit the spa for the first time ever, there are certain things you must remember.

Observe proper hygiene. Every client is required to be properly clean before they undergo the therapy. This allows the therapist to work properly. This also makes sure that you can acquire the best service and best results.

Most of the establishments and spa allow their clients to properly wash or even take a bath before the therapies to guarantee cleanliness. 

Should you shave ahead or no? This depends on your preference. There’s no particular rule regarding shaving and there’s also no need to. The spas will not require this from their client. The most important thing for therapist and for the progress of each process is cleanliness. 

Don’t be too sensitive. The therapists will ask questions before the start of the massage. They need to know the exact condition of your body for them to properly determine what you need and what is the best therapy for you. Different methods are there. It’s imperative for them to determine what is needed to help you. 

Some therapies require undressing. For an effective massage, you need to remove some of your clothing. This is not necessary for every type. But this can be very common when you’re going for the full body massage. The body needs to absorb all the oils and essential nutrients required. 

Don’t be pressured into giving tips. One thing that people are often confused about is the method of giving tips and how much should you give. It can easily be very confusing for first-timers.

Proper etiquette dictates that you provide 15% to 20% tip based on the actual amount of the service. But you shouldn’t pressure yourself into giving tips. This is not something required. Only give when you feel that the therapist and their service actually deserves it.

These guidelines are not just for first-timers. This needs to be followed by all individuals who want to experience their services.

Review the comprehensive massage etiquette here. Learning the basics allow you to be more confident even during your first time. You also need to remember that there may be differences in etiquette when you consider the culture of the place as well as the specific rules of the entire establishment.

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