During the times of your pregnancy, there are various things which will stretch you out and eating does not have to be one. Unfortunately, the advice that pours in from your friends and foes sends you into a state of confusion on what should I choose and what to avoid. A gynecologist in Thane can render you some decent amount of advice and if followed in a diligent manner you can reap the rewards.

The foods to avoid

Why are some foods of your radar when you are pregnant? The immune system is a bit weak and you become vulnerable to foodborne diseases. This would mean that you would have an upset stomach along with serious complications

So be safe and avoid these foods

Eggs – are known to contain salmonella, which is a bacterium that can cause diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. You need to watch out for dishes where white and yolk are not cooked separately. The risk is gone if the eggs are cooked.

Sushi – With strong exception to California rolls and other cooked items, when you are expecting sushi is not safe to consume as it is embedded with parasites inducing illness

Juices unpasteurized – Juices like cedar are a strict no as it may not have undergone any form of pasteurization. It is a method which kills the germs and bacteria in it. Though the milk products and juices which are available in the market are pasteurized, but still you would come across in the shelves some without the labels.

Certain types of Fish– Fishes are known to contain Omega 3 fatty acids which aid in the development of a baby’s brain, a right choice of meal in the prevailing circumstances. In the midst of this, some varieties of fish are needed to be shunned, as high levels of mercury or methyl are found in them which has an impact on the nervous system. They include shark or swordfish which lives for a longer period of time and accumulates mercury in their bodies. You may feel that you would need to avoid these fishes during your pregnancy days as the mercury is stored for 4 years. In fact, most of the fishes are known to contain some negligible amount of mercury, so you need to limit your consumption of safer varieties as well.

Yellow light foods – These foods are ok in small amounts, but the key is not to go overboard with them.

Caffeine– As far as caffeine is concerned, the studies point to contrasting stories. While some point to the fact that there is some amount of risk to the fetus, others reveal that it is not harmful when consumed in moderate quantities. The best gynecologist in Mumbai is also divided in this regard. Some of them have even suggested that an ideal quantity would be 300 milligrams a day and this should be equally spread in 2 to 3 glasses

Some other foods to avoid are sausage and soft cheese. In the case of sausage, they are known to contain nitrates, which tend to link it with tumors and diseases of the brain. Though studies have not proved this face, but it does make sense to limit the consumption. Cheese is also considered to be harmful as they are the breeding source of listeria.

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