There are lots of different sports shorts that you can use whilst you are at the gym, on the running track or playing a game of football. You need to select a suitable pair so that you are extremely comfortable and you can perform at the peak of your ability.

When you are considering which shorts to buy, you really need to think about buying a pair of compression shorts. What are they and which sports are they suitable for?

What Are These Shorts?

The shorts are completely skin tight so that they reduce the amount of air resistance and they allow you to build up some explosive speed. They are made from a breathable material which will stretch as you give the initial burst of power which is needed.

What Kind Of Sports Can You Wear The Shorts For?

There are several sports that are the ideal match for these kinds of shorts. They vary in intensity.


There are many different types of weightlifting, from the snatch to the clean and jerk. This requires an immense amount of strength and you also need to have a lot of power in your lower back and legs in order to perform a lift successfully. You should have the correct back support and you also need to have the skin tight shorts which will give you enough freedom to move explosively upwards as you lift. This is something that will help you to get better and lift heavier weights.

Try out several different types of shorts so that you can find a pair that fits you perfectly and you can perform your lifts comfortably without being restricted in any way.

Track Cycling

Time-trial cycling around a track means that you need to be as quick as possible in order to post the best time and to beat your rivals. This is something that a skin tight pair of shorts will help you to achieve, along with the right kind of jersey and helmet. You need to be able to move your legs rapidly without the shorts tearing, so you should invest in a quality pair.


The 100 metres race is the centrepiece of the Olympics. The likes of Usain Bolt and Linford Christie are just two of the legendary 100 metres runners who have graced the Olympics. Sprinting requires that you are quick out of the blocks so that you give yourself the best chance of winning the race. A slow start could cause you to fall behind the rest of the field extremely quickly.

You should buy a pair of breathable skin tight shorts so that you can explode out of the blocks without feeling that you are restricted in any way.


Rugby requires explosive speed so that you can run quickly with the ball as well as chase after attackers when you are defending.

You should buy these shorts so that you are able to move quickly without restriction.

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