Did you know that each of your feet are comprised of 26 bones that work in perfect unison every time you walk, stand, or run? In fact, whenever you stand up, you are putting tremendous weight on this alignment of bones. Whenever you walk or run, you are putting even more pressure on them!

Did you also know how important your feet are to your ability to move and balance? In fact, when a New Zealand cricketer had to have one of his toes removed, he had to completely relearn how to walk and balance! Even having a single toe removed can cause a person to have trouble moving and balancing, not to mention playing sport, where these abilities are crucial!

A Lesson in Foot Health

The lesson here is that one should never take foot health for granted. It is all too common for podiatrists at places like the Foot Posture Centre to see clients who suffer from a wide range of foot conditions that negatively impact their health, happiness, and quality of life. The following are just a few of the most common foot conditions that podiatrists evaluate and treat:

  • Flat feet: This condition has often been associated with children who run about in bare feet, but the truth is that it is often a genetic issue. It is a condition where the natural arch of the foot has collapsed or is very shallow. This may not cause problems in the short term, but like many seemingly minor foot conditions, it can cause other areas of the foot to work incorrectly, and even place undue pressure on the ankles.
  • Back and hip pain: It may seem odd that a podiatrist may treat someone with back or hip pain, but these areas are often in pain because the feet are This poor foot posture can be the root cause of pain in other areas of the body, including the knees, hips, and back. As the bones and joints of the feet move incorrectly, this can cause aches and pains in these other areas of the body, as they compensate for improper foot dynamics.
  • Shin splints: Often seen in athletes and others who engage in intense exercise, shin splints are a condition that indicates an overuse of certain muscles and joints. They are often due to foot conditions that cause improper foot dynamics. The end result is that the impact of the foot on the ground during movement causes high pressure impacts on the bones of the shin. Improper foot functioning can also cause the muscles around the shin bones and ankles to work harder to maintain balance, and this leads to a chain reaction where the shins feel sore.

Never Forget Your Feet!

Though we often forget about our foot health, our feet are amazingly complex pieces of biological machinery. Any foot problem can be the cause of problems in other areas of our body, and it is important to have any problem, no matter how minor, evaluated by a qualified podiatrist.


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