Nearly every major American city has at least one really terrific hospital or medical research facility. However, when it comes to pioneering treatment, rigorous study, and breakthrough technologies related to specific health concerns, several cities prove to be the epicenters of medical science. Here is a list of six major cities located throughout the United States and the world-renowned research and treatment they host on a regular basis:

Los Angeles – Substance Abuse Recovery

The de facto capital of American popular culture, Los Angeles and the surrounding region is home to the best drug and alcohol detox facilities in the country. The Valley Detox Center in LA is one of many of these treatment centers which were the first to recognize the importance of developing a custom approach to addiction rehab centered around the patient. This style of treatment is now taking hold in other cities across America.

Central to the addiction treatment method developed by LA-based facilities is the idea that a rehab program can maintain a sense of discipline without becoming suppressive. As the Forward rehab puts it on their website, “we believe in structure but not micromanagement.” The goal is to not drill addiction out of a person’s body and mind but to address the causes and provide a place where someone can confront their worst fears without feeling judged or manipulated.

Atlanta – Contagious Disease Study

Are you irrationally afraid of a zombie apocalypse? If so, it’s worth noting that if such an event were to occur, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be taking a lead role in putting a stop to its spread. In fact, the CDC has resources online for the public to learn about zombie preparedness, just in case.

In all seriousness though, the CDC has a history of being on the frontline of disease which threatens the lives of millions. In the 1980s, the CDC laid the groundwork for study and research of a new deadly illness eventually known as HIV/AIDS/ Most recently, the CDC was in Africa working with the military to stop a spread of Ebola in its tracks. When the next big epidemic hits, the CDC is certain to play a key role in how to manage the crisis.

Houston – Heart Surgery

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this is certainly the case when it comes to the size and scope of the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Designated as a medical district, this 2.1 square mile zone is jam-packed with over 60 medical institutions.

Central to the pioneering nature of the TMC is its world-record of annual heart surgeries, with nearly 14,000 performed every year. Supporting this volume of heart operations are dozens of brilliant surgeons along with hundreds of top-qualified support staff, all benefiting from the density of resources and medical expertise which exists within the TMC district.

If you live in or close to a major American city, chances are good you have highly trained and experienced medical professionals ready to take on a number of health problems. However, there are some cities where the level of focus on a specific medical subject is a cut above the rest. If you or a loved one is experiencing an illness which local doctors seem at a loss to treat, consider taking the time to travel in order to consult with the best of the best.

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