Many individuals who wear glasses – all the time, or just for reading – are opting out for the latest surgery – Lasik. This surgery for the eyes is becoming almost as popular as the choices for fat reduction surgery.

Conventional Lasik

This surgery is a simple surgery done as an outpatient procedure and can correct most prescriptions, no matter whether you are farsighted, near-sighted or have astigmatism. The conventional Lasik surgery was the first form of Lasik used entirely from its beginning in the 1990s until all laser Lasik was develop in the early 21st century.

More affordable

This conventional Lasik is the more affordable surgery but lacks a few of the features of all lasers Lasik. The main difference to the creation of what is known as the Lasik flap, the mainstay of Lasik surgery.


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The elements of Conventional Lasik can include:

  • A flap made in the cornea with a microkeratome which is a high class medical blade;
  • After lining up the eye in the path of the laser, a 3-camera track system will track the very smallest, micro-milliment movements of the eye;
  • After the reshaping is finished, the flap is folded back into its original position and will seal itself to the entire cornea in only a matter of minutes;
  • This whole procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and recovery takes only several hours.

What the patient experiences:

  • A local anaesthetic that numbs the eye;
  • A low dosage of Valium will make sure the patient is relaxed as well as comfortable;
  • Some patients will be able to feel some slight pressure during the surgery, with little to no pain:
  • The patient is given protection eyewear and driven home to relax in their own surroundings for the remainder of the day;
  • A day or later, the patient returns for a post-operative check-up.

The difference between the conventional Lasik are:

  1. In all Laser Lasik, the flap, (first step) is done with a laser, not the microkeratome or blade. A Lasik patient is also a candidate for all Laser Lasik.
  2. Ziemer® Laser or IntraLase® FS Laser, not the microkeratome blade makes the cuts of the flap.
  3. Another laser that is computer-controlled will do the reshaping of the cornea with micron-level of accuracy.

This highly precise technology has been approved for military pilots as well as astronauts.

Talk to your physician

Discuss all the advantages of all Laser Lasik with your vision experts during your first and usually free Advanced Vision Correction Evaluation.

Viable alternative

 Often Lasik is not the procedure for you. One of common reasons is that is when the cornea of the person is too steep or too thin for Lasik. Lasek is also the option that is superior to Lasik when there is a very high amount of astigmatism in that eye or a patient is very vulnerable to dry eyes. In these cases, doing the Lasik or Lasek with no flap is believed to be the better answer for helping the person getting rid of glasses. Lasek is like Lasik with only not creating the corneal flap being the difference. Instead, only the cornea’s outer covering called the epithelium is folded back.

No matter which you have – it is the most popular surgery for the eye.

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