Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years because of the many benefits it provides. The latest research indicates that it helps us with everything from flexibility and balance to improved sleep and better mental health. The problem for many of us is finding the time to fit in yoga classes around our busy schedules.

Practice Yoga Anytime

With Glo, you bring yoga to you. Their online yoga classes allow you the opportunity to begin or continue your yoga practice, even when the yoga studio isn’t open. Using Glo yoga online is a freeing experience. Finally, you can practice anywhere, at any time.

Use Glo with Your Yoga Studio Classes or Alone

You can use our Glo online yoga in a way that’s customized to your needs. You can use the yoga classes online to supplement your regular yoga practice at your local studio. Or you can use Glo yoga instruction on its own. They offer a range of classes in many different styles, from Vinyasa to Kundalini, from Hatha to Pilates mat work.

Beginner to Advanced

Are you a beginner to yoga? Glo has classes that are just right for you. Maybe you’re an expert yoga practitioner who’s looking to get your yoga instructor certification? Not a problem. With Glo yoga, you have the world-class instructors you’re looking for. They make it their mission at Glo to make yoga, Pilates, meditation and wellness accessible to everyone.

Range of Class Lengths to Fit Your Schedule

If you think about it, the advantages offered are unbeatable. Too busy for yoga? Glo offers classes that are as quick as 5 minutes and range to a full-body 90-minute session.

Great Value for Your Money

Worried about money? There’s no need to be concerned. As part of the Glo mission, they keep all online yoga instruction affordable to make it accessible to everybody. At Glo, they offer you unlimited access to the entire schedule of classes starting at just $18 a month. You get a library with thousands of classes of online yoga instruction, Pilates, meditation, and our mind and body classes called Beyond the Mat.

We’re a Community at Glo

When you join the Glo family, you’re joining a welcoming community. Have questions about your new yoga or meditation practice? Check out othe Ask a Yogi library, and you’ll find answers there. While it’s true that Glo offers the best-in-class online yoga, they offer you so much more than that at Glo. They offer you tools that will help you live a fulfilling life. From Pilates mat work to yoga history classes, the world-class instructors will give you a full range of instruction.

People from All Walks of Life

Glo teaches people from all walks of life, from stay-at-home parents to Olympic athletes. Traveling for work? With Glo yoga online, you’ll never have to miss your yoga session again. They offer you the chance to do a quick meditation to clean your chakras and clear your senses before that next business meeting.

They Is A LOT More Than Yoga at Glo

At Glo, they are not just interested in teaching you yoga online. It’s their mission to improve lives through the practice of yoga, meditation, Pilates and beyond. When you begin your wellness journey with them, I’m betting you’ll see a new horizon. You’ll begin to realize that everything you need to find the success in life you desire is already deep within you.

Join Our Community

Glo is much more than a yoga studio; they are an online community of people who are driven to help people live their fullest lives. Try a 15-day free trial, and you’ll discover customized classes for every level, every age, and every kind of practice.

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