Often, many skin whitening products that has glutathione in it also has some soy-based ingredient that goes along. This might make it hard for the cells to absorb it. Now there is a safe and easy way to it. Soy free liposomal glutathione by VitaMonk is here. With it, absorption by the cells are much easier, making it much safer as well.

Glutathione is one of the many amino acids. It has many effects, of which recently skin whitening has been one of them. However, many products make it hard for the cells to absord it because it has soy components added in. VitaMonk now has Lipoviva-G, a product that has glutathione but without the soy added to it. This makes it safe especially for those who might have an allergy to soy-based products.

Superior Glutathione

Lipoviva-G isn’t just another Glutathione, but is actually a superior type of Glutathione. This makes it better than most other Glutathione products out there today. Glutathione has many benefits, such as skin whitening. However, it isn’t just that. It helps in oxidation and reduce harmful free radicals in the cells. It slows down aging, both in the body and the mind. It helps in tissue repair. And it builds up the immune system.

These are some of the reasons why Glutathione is essential, and Lipoviva-G is superior in every way as it brings these things up in a much better way than other Glutathione products out there.

Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals can be harmful to the body. These free radicals can cause problems, ranging from heart disease to diabetes and even stroke. Free radicals damage the cells, which in turn then help in bringing up diseases. Glutathione has been known to be the mother of all antioxidants. Antioxidants help in preventing free radicals from accumulating in the body. Aging can become rapid if there is too much free radicals floating around.

Help prevent aging then with Lipoviva-G. By fighting free radicals, aging can be slowed down. Healthy aging is achieved when Glutathione is added in as a supplement. The body and mind can benefit much with Lipoviva-G, which has superior Gluthathione in it. Not only will it help against free radicals, but it can also whiten the skin also.

For A Healthy Immune System

The immune system is very important. It is often the first line of defense against many common diseases. A weak immune system can be a big problem, as the body will have a hard time fighting even the most common of illnesses. Lipoviva-G helps in boosting the immune system. It also helps in controlling inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to certain diseases and injuries, but too much of it can also harm the body. By controlling it, Lipoviva-G helps in healing the body much faster.

Safe and effective, Lipoviva-G is for everyone. People can be assured that they are only getting only the best since it is GMP compliant and has undergone rigid testing. There is also much testimony from people who have taken it. Discover Lipoviva-G today and become a new you soon.


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