Apple cider vinegar-based drinks are popular throughout the United States for being easy to drink and healthy. If you search online for “benefits of apple cider vinegar”, you will see many so-called health benefits. After investigating things such as “disinfecting wounds” and “curing acne”, there is no sharpness. However, the problem is that there is almost no scientific basis to support such a rumor.

The real effect of vinegar 10

1. Suppress the absorption of ingested carbohydrates

Acetic acid interferes with the action of enzymes that digest starch in the stomach, thus reducing calorie intake of ingested carbohydrates.

Theoretically , vinegar has a dieting effect, and some research results prove this view. However, please note that Dr. Johnston says, “Vinegar does not always have a dieting effect (no matter how much vinegar you drink).” Especially if you consume more than twice the amount that you can safely consume calories. It is not known exactly how much calories vinegar suppresses, and no research has been done so far. He suspects that vinegar has a rapid dieting effect, as undigested starch ferments in the colon and eventually ingests the calories of starch in the body.

2. Relieve energy intake after taking up large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates

Drinking vinegar before meals has the effect of delaying the rapid dissolution of sugar into the blood. The blood sugar level rises like a gentle hill instead of a mountain shape with a difference in elevation, and it is possible to suppress a rapid rise.

3. Persistent feeling of fullness

Studies have shown that people who drank vinegar before breakfast and then ate bread were more satisfied for 90 minutes after eating than those who ate bread without vinegar (although after-meal). After two hours, both groups seemed hungry, which is why bread isn’t a good breakfast aside from vinegar).

4. Helps muscles produce energy efficiently

Athletes who need endurance consume large amounts of carbohydrates the night before competition, but may also drink diluted vinegar before meals. Acetic acid has been shown in animal studies to help muscles convert carbohydrates into the energy needed for strenuous exercise and is highly valued.

Five. Lower blood pressure

That blood pressure by drinking vinegar is reduced it is, by animal experiments has been demonstrated . It hasn’t been proven why it works this way, or even in humans, but Dr. Johnston is convinced that it has at least some benefit.

6. Disinfect fruits and vegetables

The best way to sterilize agricultural products is to use vinegar diluted with water. Vinegar has antibacterial activity and has been shown to significantly reduce pathogens such as Salmonella . Simply put vinegar diluted with water in a bottle, spray it on agricultural products (salad, fruit, etc.), rinse it with water, and then put it on the table.

However, please note that vinegar-based dressings do not work the same in unsanitary deli salad bars. If vinegar is mixed with the ingredients used for salad dressing (salt, olive oil, etc.) or the salad itself, the action of acetic acid will be weakened. Dr. Johnston believes that the effects of this vinegar need to be studied in the future.

7. 7. Eliminate foot odor

Wipe your feet with a paper towel soaked in water-diluted vinegar. The antibacterial action of vinegar will get rid of the odor.

8. 8. Relieves pain when bitten by a jellyfish

If you happen to be bitten by a jellyfish and you happen to have vinegar diluted with water, you’re pretty lucky. Vinegar is said to be effective against jellyfish poison. On the other hand, there is a research result that hot water is the most effective .

9. Keeps the body’s PH value balanced and leads to bone health

Vinegar is clearly acidic, but when it is taken into the body, it has a neutralizing effect and brings the pH value of the body closer to the standard (alkaline).

People with an alkaline diet (more vegetables, less meat) have been shown to tend to have higher bone mineral density. You may not care about it now, but this becomes urgent when you get older. In theory, vinegar strengthens bones (although not yet proven, many hypothetical treatises have been published).

If you want to safely test the effects of such vinegar, we recommend adding one or two spoons of vinegar to a glass of water and drinking on an empty stomach just before eating. However, drinking vinegar straight is not acceptable. The human esophagus is not designed to withstand strong acids, so even a small amount of vinegar can easily enter the trachea. In other words, it takes acid into the lungs, causing serious pain that burns the lungs.

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