Everyone wants an easy way out, so this question is not an unusual one by any means. On one hand, you can just take a pill—or so the advertising says. However, it can be rather expensive, so what is the answer?


Advertising for Lipozene claims there is no need to exercise or change your diet to lose weight, so this can be appealing to those who don’t like to exercise. However, we have to take into consideration that the most effective weight loss program includes a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. This brings up another question: should I take Lipozene while engaging in weight training? Is it worth the investment?

Lipozene is a dietary supplement that is sold online or in pharmacies. The active ingredient in the product is Glucomannan, a dietary fibre extracted from the Asian konjac plant. Claims are the Glucomannan works by forming a gel in the digestive tract that gives a person the feeling of fullness, which in turn leads to the consumption of less food. 

The Claims

Many claims have been stated about the ability of Glucomannan to promote weight loss. A 2003 report from the Food and Trade Commission (FTC) stated as much as 55 per cent of the information contained in advertisements for weight loss products contain false or unsupported claims. Glucomannan was one of the products mentioned—not specifically Lipozene but products containing the ingredient. In the report, nine out of ten experts stated no product would allow users to lose weight without reducing calories and adhering to a regular exercise routine. 

Does It Work?

According to preliminary evidence, the ingestion of 1-4 grams of Glucomannan per day could promote weight loss by preventing the absorption of some calories. This is based on research that indicates the more gel-like the fiber is, the better it works on all the areas that affect appetite. However, it is not a miracle product, and like any other weight loss supplement, success depends on making lifestyle changes. 

Weight Loss Training

Are there benefits to weight loss training? Is it a healthier option than taking Lipozene? Based on the information available, the information provided during Lipozene ads is inaccurate. According to FTC reports, while Glucomannan is unlikely to miraculously lead to weight loss on its own, studies have shown it is a great companion when added to a healthy diet and physical activity. 

However, considering the previously notated average cost of Lipozene at $90 a month, it may be a difficult choice for some people. Therefore, if you must choose between using Lipozene or focusing on weight training, the more cost-effective method, it would be beneficial to focus on weight training. Those who are able to afford the cost of Lipozene may wish to make the investment but focus a great deal of energy on weight training in order to achieve the greatest success. It is not necessary to join a gym; you can develop a regimen based on equipment you have at home or can easily acquire.


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