Being surrounded by plants restores our calm and makes us an optimistic being. That is the reason gardening is said to be therapeutic in its nature. From teaching us about patience to careful watchfulness, nurturing some healthy and hearty plants is indeed a beautiful experience. Outdoor as well as indoor plants online India like the snake plant, spider plant, lucky bamboo plant or money plant blesses us with its innate blissful properties, somehow as we nurture these green beauties, they end up looking after us too. Some have good, positive Feng Shui properties while some others have medicinal properties in them. Let’s discuss some of the health benefits of indoor plants which are backed up with scientifically proven facts.

  • Reduces stress levels– All those plants to bring health benefits are said to reduce the stress levels in us. A piece of research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology claimed that plants are seen to make your home more livable, comfortable, happier and natural. To prove this fact, scientists allotted two tasks to the participants – one that of repotting a plant and another some computer-based task. While completing the allotted tasks, scientists measured the biological factors associated with stress, i.e of heart rate and blood pressure of these participants. It was seen that participants seen doing the indoor repotting task had a lower stress level. Whereas the participants who took up that computer-based work showed a spike in their heart rate and blood pressure. Due to this researchers came up to the conclusion that plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress from us, humans.
  • Sharpens Your Attention– In a small research, it was found that students put into a classroom with either fake plants and some others were put in a classroom with real plants. It was noted that students who studied real, live plants in the classroom were more attentive and able to concentrate better than those who studied in the presence of fake plants. So surround yourself around green beauties to perform well mentally, the next time.
  • Cure For Mental Ailments – Are you experiencing some symptoms of mental illnesses lately? Then, it’s time to get your hands dirtied while going on a gardening expedition. Researchers have proved that gardening can comfort the feelings of depression, anxiety and dementia patients. Many doctors have even prescribed gardening as a cure for many patients with depression or anxiety symptoms abroad.
  • Faster Recovery–  Directly or indirectly, plants and flowers tend to look after our health by catalysing the recovery process from an injury, illness or surgery. It has been seen that all those ailing patients suffering from some chronic diseases felt less pain or needed less medication who were surrounded with greenery or who were pampered with some beautiful flowers. That is even the reason why most people choose to convey their get well soon wishes to their loved ones at hospitals.
  • Boosts Productivity– Many pieces of research have shown being surrounded by plants at workplaces as well as at home is sure to increase both productivity and creativity. Back in 1996, one research was carried out in a campus computer lab, wherein people worked 12 per cent faster and were less stressed as plants were placed near them. Plants have a positive impact on human brains, they tend to bring out the creative best in a person. Also, when plants are placed at a workplace, it has been seen people have a lot less complained about being sick and much more productive at work.

So, these were some scientifically proven health benefits of indoor plants. Hope you choose to take a step closer to them for your own good!

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