One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘does my butt look big in this?’, or at least Hollywood would like us to think so. It seems that society would like us to think the main bodily obsession for women is that their butt looks absolutely perfect. Whether or not it truly is an obsession is debatable, but that the butt is an area that many people consider is definitely true.

Some Statistics to Consider

Some statistics have been provided by the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery):

  • 2014 saw an 88% increase in butt augmentations since 2013. Some 21,446 procedures were carried out.
  • 4,291 butt lift procedures were carried out. This is a 14.8% increase since 2013.
  • Both procedures are most popular with women, but some men are also having it done.
  • The majority of procedures are carried out on people between 19 and 50.
  • The average fee for a butt augmentation is $4,194. The average fee for a butt lift is $5,351.

How to Make the Butt Look Better

There are three ways to make a butt look better. Many at

  1. Better diet and exercise. While this is important, the results are often minimal and people tend to find themselves disappointed.
  2. Fat grafting, which is known as the Brazilian butt lift.
  3. Butt implants.

In terms of surgical procedures by taking care of my liver , more and more surgeons are moving away from butt implants, as the Brazilian butt lift procedure information shows that it is a safer and more effective method. This is also because, if done properly, the Brazilian butt lift is a permanent procedure with little to no risk of complications. This as opposed to implants, which often start sagging and falling.

How Does the Procedure Work?

A Brazilian butt lift is often done with partial or full liposuction. Fat has to be taken out of one part of the body and is then returned to the butt. As such, patients often use the procedure to improve their overall body. The fat that is returned to the body is injected in specific places so that the contour of the butt is enhanced and contoured. Because the fat tissue comes from the body itself, there is no real risk of rejection in the body.

Naturally, it is vital that the surgeon is properly trained and qualified. Each surgeon has personal skills as well, which will influence how well the procedure is carried out. This is why it is very important that you look into the surgeon’s portfolio before deciding to have the butt lift completed. Additionally, in order to have truly fantastic results, you must also follow the advice of the surgeon in terms of after care. A butt augmentation at hospital road, which is completed with implants, usually only requires a week of recovery time. A Brazilian butt lift, by contrast, takes between two and four weeks. It is vital that you take it easy and follow the doctor’s advice so that you end up looking fantastic.

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