Have you ever imagined that it is possible to change the shape of the nose? The days are almost over when it was difficult to dream of the nonsurgical nose job. If you are not satisfied with your bumpy, large or crooked nose then you can have the nose job done. Though, you can get intimidated with the fear of pain, high and extra costs, invasive surgery and many other related things.

After this, people have dreamed of non invasive surgery I.e. Without using surgery, scalpel, injections, anaesthesia etc. Yes, today we are capable of fulfilling your dream and we can do the non-invasive nose job.

Nonsurgical nose job

Alternative name of the nonsurgical nose job is non-invasive nose job or 15-minutes nose job. This procedure can be performed at the doctor’s clinic. This procedure is absolutely painless and quick in nature. Actually, this procedure does not take much time.

The main aim of this procedure is to reshape the nose with the fillers. These fillers are injected around the nose in order to reshape the nose. Though, there are several biocompatible fillers but the fillers which are highly popular are hyaluronic acid and collagen. Apart from the nose, these fillers are also used in the other cosmetic surgeries including mouth surgeries etc. These fillers are helpful in changing the overall look of the face. Doctors are using these techniques in order to reshape the tips, crooked noses and bumps on bridges.

Nonsurgical nose job, why?

In the past times, only surgical methods were used but today, this procedure has totally been replaced by the cosmetic nose job. The procedure is much better than the surgical procedure. The patient can talk to the doctor, is aware about the surrounding happenings and know what is happening to him. Instead of general anaesthesia, a minimum quantity of local anaesthetic is used for completion of the procedure. Patient can get back to the daily routine within a day or two after the procedure. Patient does not have to take rest for one month, unlike invasive procedure. This is why, the non-invasive nose job is far better than the invasive procedure.

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