Testosterone, what comes to your mind when you hear it? It is a man’s hormone, right? Exactly, the testosterone is that accounts for muscle growth, bone density and other developments in a man’s body. It is supposedly a naturally present hormone in men. But, there are times that many men suffer from the deficiency of the same which becomes an obstacle mainly in the field of bodybuilding as well as weight lifting where it is all about the body and its strength to take and endure. Anadrol is one of the most powerful testosterone supplements that are available in the market. There have been many debates in recent times as to which works better, just Anadrol-only cycles or Anadrol Stack. The answer of course is simple that is both are very powerful.

Know the function of an Anadrol Stacks!

You are ensured the best and maximum results while the cycle is still on with the Anadrol Stacks accompanied by testosterone. You will see that is most cases of bulking cycles, the use of testosterone boosters is twice. This is extremely beneficial as it directly transforms proteins into muscles as and when the secretion of body chemicals increases. Stacks have their way of pushing out all instances of water retention in the body that generally occurs post the consumption of Anadrol.

The flexibility of Anadrol use is undeniable which is why they say that both are very powerful, Anadrol Stacks as well as single cycles. The versatility of its usage is marked by impressive body strengths. The results that both Anadrol-only cycles and Anadrol Stacks will give are unparalleled in the androgenic steroid market.

Stacking Options of Anadrol

Anadrol is one of those testosterone supplements that can be potentially stacked with a variety of steroids. The options are as follows:


Please note that not before the completion of one full Anadrol-only cycle can you start off with this intermediate stack cycle. The reason is simple, as a first timer one should consume 50mg of Anadrol on a daily basis. The body will allow this only when it has familiarized and has adapted to this steroid well enough. The rest part of the intermediate stack includes the consumption of 400mg of Nandrolone Decanoate/week and 100mg of Enathate Testosterone on a weekly basis for the complete cycle duration.


Another very famous stack of Anadrol is that with Dianabol. This one’s extremely popular as it bare has any severe side effects and is very light on the body as well. Stacking Dianabol with Anadrol helps pump up the oxygen content inside the blood. This has direct implications in a bodybuilder’s career; after all they are regularly exposed to heavy gym training. This is where more oxygen in the blood helps. In case of any injury this particular stack permits the muscle tissues to recover at a faster rate.

Thus to conclude, it can be said that when stacking Anadrol with other steroids, one must take into consideration the consumers goals as well as health.

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