The word nootropic was first used by psychologists and chemists in the 1970s and is basically Greek for mind-bending. They are essentially made of a mixture of ingredients which are specifically designed to activate your brain and body in certain ways. These include ingredients like caffeine for increasing energy as well as vitamins and antioxidants which help the general functioning of the brain and aid in the protection and regeneration of the cells in our bodies and brains.

Nootropics are able to improve things like focus, attention, motivation as well as cognitive functions like problem solving and creativity. They are becoming more popular and tested. Nootropics revealed – best brain pills will for sure change the way we see supplements in the future.

ONNIT – Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain should help you with your mental clarity, your mental sharpness, and your focus as well. One of the key ingredients is something called PS. This is going to help with your cognitive decline. As we get older things just start deteriorating such as our learning ability and our cognition, that is where PS comes in and it helps slow that process down.

There is also alpha GPC in it, and this is a very popular nootropic ingredient that is used because it does the same thing as far as helping slow down the process of our cognitive decline. Another ingredient is Huperziaserrata which helps you with your memory. These are the main ingredients that will for sure have an effect on you. It hasn’t got a great rating but there are many satisfied customers that are recommending this brain pill.As far as the price goes for this nootropic, it is not that good. It is one of the most expensive supplements. It goes around for $30 for 15 servings.

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Jarrow formulas – Neuro optimizer

Jarrow formulas have been around for a while and this neuro optimizer should help your focus and mental clarity as well. One of the main ingredients that are in there is cognizin. It is just a patented diphosphocholine which has been shown to help repair neurotransmitters and also help with the deterioration of our cognition as well.

Another main ingredient is PS ingredient that was in the alpha brain. It has been used with Alzheimer’s patients and also for people with depression. So, it is a great ingredient and that is why Neuro optimizer is among the best. Rating is not bad like for alpha brain, it is usually 4 starts, but you need to take in a notice that there aren’t 5-star nootropics because there are many non-believers. Customers say it basically helps them clear their brain fog and help them start working. Another reason why this supplement is great is the price. It is only $30 for 30 servings which is a pretty good deal. Read more here.

Havasu nutrition – Neuro Ignite

Neuro ignite is going to help you with a couple of different things such as helping you with energy, mood, and also your focus. Some of the main ingredients include bacopamonnieri. This is a herb that actually helps reduce anxiety. So, if you are just a little bit less anxious you could probably focus a little bit better and that is why this ingredient is there. There is also DMAE which is similar to PS because it helps with cognitive decline.

This supplement specifically has actually gone through some tests, it’s been through some clinical trials to actually show that it works. As far as the rating on this, it has been rated many times, and over 4 starts. The price is $25 for 30 servings.

The Genius Brand – Genius Joy

The Genius Joy helps you with anxiety, mood, and focus. Ingredients are a little bit different. It is full of vitamins, more than any nootropic. The key ingredient is SAMe which has actually been used for people with mild to severe depression. It also has 5-HTP as well and this is going to help rise up your serotonin levels. Both 5-HTP and SAMe help raise your serotonin levels and that just increase the chances of you being happier. The main idea behind that is that if you are happier you can focus more on what is actually going on. They also put ingredients in there to help you with focus, but these were the main ingredients.

Genius Joy reviews is great for now. It has around 4.5 starts, which means that it is doing the job correctly. It is a little bit expensive, but for this rating it is worth. The price is $60 for 25 servings.


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