Dentures can be 10 times softer than your natural teeth. This can lead to fractures, dentures eroding, and scratches in the surface of the dentures. Dentures also have pores that can harbour bacteria on the surface of the dentures. As dentures age, they can have a whole range of problems that you need to address. When dentures give you the smile you’ve always wanted, you need to protect that smile from damage. Frequent cleanings are important, but occasionally you’ll need to go to a technician to repair your dentures.

Missing Teeth

If you have teeth that fall out from your dentures, you’ll need dental technicians in Hitchin. The technicians will be able to determine exactly why your teeth have fallen out. The teeth might fall out because they are simply getting old. It could also mean that you are not taking care of your teeth properly. There are many different reasons that teeth can fall out. Technicians can repair the missing teeth and advise you on how to reduce the likelihood in the future.

Grinding Down

Over time, your teeth can grind down. Natural teeth can grind down over time as well, but since dentures are 10 times softer, they will grind down much faster. If your dentures are beginning to grind down, technicians will be able to repair and replace the damaged teeth. In some cases, they’ll need to completely replace your dentures.

Experts will be able to tell you what has gone wrong with your dentures and why. It could be a habit of yours that is causing this to happen, but in most cases, it is simply normally wear and tear. Furthermore, there are many other types of denture problems that can occur. Denture cracking is a common issue as well. These problems occur from time to time, but a good technician can reverse the damage.

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