The glow of pregnancy would bring about a smile on your face, but at the same time you are likely to face some unpleasant changes. The hormones are in over drive mode and the belly stretches to accommodate the growing belly you are likely to react in such a manner that you could hardly expect.

Spider veins and varicose

As far as varicose veins are concerned they are those purple or blue veins which normally show up at your legs. In addition tiny red veins could appear on your face the moment you do become pregnant. But the better news is that both of them do clear up once the baby is born.

Stretch marks

This is a common pregnancy symptom that most of the women are likely to encounter during pregnancy. Stretch marks on the hips, belly, thighs or breasts during the later stage of pregnancy are a known phenomenon. The manner by how quick is going to have a considerable influence in the quantum of stretch marks. In the midst of this genetics does have its share as well? Once the body changes during pregnancy you are likely to come across stretch marks. You should learn the causes behind this and how you can go on to minimize their appearance.


The zits are not only for the teenage crowd, but for a would be mother acne is a common phenomenon when you are pregnant. This could be considering the fact even if they did not have it before.

Rashes and itchy skin

If you are going to feel itchy all over, there is nothing unusual about it.  The pregnant woman does feel an urge to scratch everything from the pregnant belly to the bottom of their feet. There are some skins conditions related to pregnancy that may contribute towards an itchy skin. An example in this regard would be PUPP that are red humps and hives which develop into large patches.

Linea Ingra and melisma

If you figure out that there are dark patches on the face it goes by the name of mask of pregnancy or melisma. This is a disorder that half of the woman faces up to when they are pregnant and this also goes on to contribute to linea nigra that runs down the bottom of your belly. With pregnancy safe skin disorders medications you can expect considerable degree of relief from the same.

Nail and hair changes

It is a common situation that the hair tends to become thicker all of a sudden during pregnancy. The same situation might appear with the nails become thicker than usual. There is no definite need to panic as all these changes do occur due to the presence of pregnancy hormones. The sad aspect is that you could find that hair grows in a hair where you did not want it to grow. This could be on the face or even the belly.

To conclude skin disorder medicine while pregnant would provide relief.

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