With the rise of modernised facial serums, all-natural creams, and other wholesome topical applicants, we can finally eliminate the detriments associated with acne, pimples, and blackheads simply by finding a suitable corrective ointment.

However, before you can pick the perfect acne dark spot remover or zit-killing emulsion, it’s important to take a closer look at the nature of blemishes as they relate to your unique complexion:

  • Dark spots can be caused by a multitude of factors ranging from acne-related irritation and excessive UV exposure to aging and even hyperpigmentation.
  • Blemishes and breakouts can surface anywhere on your body but the most common areas are those that receive the most direct sunlight on a day-to-day basis. Prolonged exposure to sunlight intensifies your body’s production of melanin, which happens to be the driving force behind your pigmentation.
  • In pregnant women or those taking birth control, a hormone-based manifestation called melasma encourages the uneven distribution of pigmentation in your skin, which means that oscillating hormones play a particularly intricate role in the production of blemishes and dark spots.

How to Pick the Perfect Dark Spot Serum

After establishing a viable exfoliation and moisturising regimen, you’ll have to provide your skin with a specific assortment of nourishing ingredients and compounds to correct the leftover blemishes and dark spots. In this regard, you should avoid purchasing serums that contain silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, colorants, and optical diffusers as these all-too-common inclusions actually worsen your skin’s restorative capabilities.

Instead, you should be on the lookout for corrective creams that contain the following ingredients:

  • Activated Vitamin C: This potent new-age element penetrates deep into your pores to fight off the excess pigmentation associated with dark spots while simultaneously preventing new blemishes from forming.
  • White Birch Extract: This unique extract has been proven to reinforce your skin’s elasticity, collagen production, and overall density.
  • Peony Extract: When combined with activated vitamin C, peony extract has demonstrated the ability to reverse the discolouration of your skin and enhance clarity.

The Results

If you find a dark spot solution that contains all of the abovementioned properties and begin a habitual application routine, you’ll begin noticing results very quickly:

  • During clinical studies, these ingredients have demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce the intensity of dark spots in as little as two weeks.
  • After two weeks, 55% of women saw a marked reduction in blemishes and discolouration.
  • After four weeks, 69% of the trial participants saw near-complete reversal of dark spots.
  • After the eight-week benchmark, 87% of users were able to effect a uniform skin tone without any remaining dark spots.

As you can see by now, modernised corrective creams have proven to be incredibly efficacious and worthwhile, which explains why so many women are beginning to weave dark spot serums into their daily skin care regimes.


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