Many cosmetic procedures are available for body sculpting and beautification. Apart from laser hair removal, lipo, and microderm procedures, heat and Botox treatment can melt fat without any surgery. Many people choose this treatment level because they are much concerned about the way they look. Some doctors are highly conservative regarding the treatments they offer to the patients while there are other doctors who believe that this process can make patients look much better. Many doctors choose LED machines and lipo laser for reduction of fat.

The non-surgical liposuction procedure has gained a lot of popularity and many research studies are supporting it. Many studies have revealed that laser light for removing subcutaneous fat from the body is advantageous and it gives positive results. The light should be of high-frequency and should use low wavelengths. Every lipo laser unit has many pads, known as paddles. Depending on the model and brand a machine may have 4-24 paddles. The diode in every paddle differs. The 3rd generation units which means today’s generation produce higher wavelength than the first and second generation units. This is the reason why the units of this generation are much more preferred.

Impact of laser lipo

The laser lipo process is a much lesser aggressive way of fat reduction than the surgical treatment. The recovery rate of the patient is faster. It is a non-invasive process, friendly, and causes lesser disruption. This treatment process is used by those people who have not been able to shed additional fat with exercise and diet.  Using its light therapy, you can eliminate fat from thighs, waistline, tummy, hips, abdomen, back, public area, hands, chest, and face. It means by using the modern 3rd generation units, you can reduce fat from any part of your body. You can also choose a particular body part for fat elimination.

Prices of the lipo laser units

The prices of the first generation lipo lasers were high. They could not produce results as effective as the units of the third generation. Sessions were longer and not very effective. Lesser number of patients was taken care of. The earlier generation units would overheat easily. The units were shut till the time they cooled again. Today’s units are very much affordable. Regardless of the brand, it is more potent and quicker than the earlier ones. Again, these machines do have controllers through which you could adjust time, and all the modern model have the controllers.

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