It is very peaceful to fulfill an important need of a person. You can give happiness to an unlucky woman who is not able to get pregnant; you can donate your egg to her so she could also feel the pleasure of being a mother. It can be done medically, it is a safe process. You can donate egg for money or just to make someone happy. The average egg donation price ranges from $3700 to $65000. If you also want to donate egg you first have to go through some tests and interviews. When you are found eligible you can call upon to carry the donation procedures.

Eligibility: A woman that ranges between 21 to 31 years of age is found eligible to the procedure. There should be no problems in your monthly menstrual cycle. You should be having no disorders or abnormality. You have to mentally and physically healthy for donating the egg. You have to quit drugs and smoking 3 months before going to the egg donation centers.

Side effects: You should prepare to face some side effects in the procedure of donation. Your blood can be drawn so you might feel weakness. You have to treat yourself with injections several times during the procedure that might give you bruises. And due to medical drug consumption you may gain weight and have slight headaches, stomach aches, irritation and OHSS. You need to be courageous if you want to go for donation. Although good clinics like agg donation help in avoiding these side effects then too you have to be prepared.

Egg donation is a good deed. You have to give your time and comfort for another woman but the recipient woman will get what a couple desire for very long time. Also, you can get at least 10000 $ for your egg.      

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