If you are the head of a busy family household, being prepared is a critical component to the smooth running of the home, and with accidents never far away, it makes perfect sense to have a good supply of essential items stored away, just in case. One might call such a compilation a first aid kit, although there are a few items that wouldn’t normally be included in such a package, but are still necessary.

First Aid Kit

This should include at least the following items:

  • Bandages and Plasters
  • Isopropyl alcohol and iodine
  • Tape
  • A Digital thermometer
  • Gauze and pads for dressing wounds
  • Fever medication

You can buy a prepacked first aid kit, which comes in a handy box, or you can buy the items separately and find a suitable container.

Online Solutions

Once you have compiled a list of things you should have, sourcing a supplier is easy if you conduct an online search, and if, for example, you wanted to buy infrared and digital thermometers in Malaysia, there is an online supplier who also has many retail branches in the country, should you prefer the more traditional way to shop. An online supplier can offer you lower than retail prices, and the great thing about online shopping is you do not need to waste time and energy by visiting a store, and everything can be handled from your PC or mobile device.

Skin Care Products

Moisturisers and creams for dry skin are always handy to have, and anti-sun block would also be a good addition to the collection, as would a collagen based skin revitaliser, which is great for tired skin. Coconut oil is very underrated and can moisturise skin and nourish hair, and although it is expensive when compared to other skin products, pure coconut oil can help in so many ways.

Even those with oily skin needs to moisturize. However, make sure to identify your skin type and pick out the best moisturizer for a long-lasting hydrating benefits.

Diagnostic Aids

If someone in the family suffers from diabetes or high cholesterol, there are small machines that give you instant readings, which ensures that your levels are within safe limits. Self-testing for specific things like blood sugar and cholesterol levels allows a person to maintain stability, and the early warning ensures you never reach critical levels.

Hot and Cold Packs

Mainly used to treat muscle injury or fever, hot and cold packs are always handy to have at home, and if any family member suffers a sporting injury, for example, these presses can be very effective in reducing swelling and aiding a swift recovery.

Insect Repellent

If you live in a tropical country, mosquitoes are a constant threat, and a single bite can cause dengue fever, which can, in rare cases, be fatal. There is no better protection that to apply a spray or lotion, which will keep all insects at bay for at least 8 hours.

If you have all of the above, you are certainly well prepared, and in the event you have not yet stocked up on the personal care home essentials, an online search will take you to an online supplier, who can supply all of your essential items.

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