The hydradermie is also known as the star treatment. If one takes this treatment they can see changes in the skin in just one hour. After the treatment skin looks beautiful, healthy, and glowing and radiant. In this treatment they make use of galvanic currents which is really mild. This helps in boosting the penetration of firming products. This also helps in increasing the effects of moisturizing products used. Through this it is possible to stimulate the microcirculation using high frequency. Hydrodermie treatments also help in oxygenating the skin. The process involves latest technologies and best of nature which creates a healthy surrounding to result a radiant skin. So, if one needs radiant, soft and smooth skin in short interval of time they can choose hydrodermie facials bloor west.

The hydrodermie facial involves cleansing, purifications and oxygenation, nourishing and moisturizing, and finally it gives soothing effect.

  • The cleansing process involves sodium acid carbonate. This helps in deep cleaning of pores. So, this process leads to get rid of all the impurities present in the skin. Later the skin is further purified using lavender oil.
  • After this process oxygen emulsion is used which helps in oxygenating as well as purifying the skin.
  • Nourishing the skin and moisturizing it is done by firming neck gel which comprises of ivy moisturize and aromatic hydrating gel which comes with orange blossom. Strengthening the cell cohesion is done using sodium lactate. This also helps in moisturizing the epidermis. This whole process will help in boosting the skin’s moisture retention capacity.
  • Finally balancing and soothing the skin is done using aromatic oil. Here there are few choices one can choose the aromatic oil they need. This leads to balance the skin and give a soothing effect.

If one needs further facials bloor west treatments like masks which are specialized with plant extracts that can be added along with these hydradermie treatments. This is the choice left to customers. These extra packs can ensure the individual’s concerns of skin care. Whether a person has mature, sensitive, dry or oily or normal skin this hydradermie facials can address all skin type and ensure to give great results.

Hydradermie lift:

The hydradermie lift treatment is specifically meant for youth revolution. This treatment helps in stimulating the facial muscles. That leads to give skin a altogether a new tone. Facial features can be lifted using this treatment. After the first session of hydradermie lift one can see the visible significant results. Majority of the users who have undergone this felt younger look instantly.

Like hydradermie facial this also involves the principle of galvanic current. Here also high frequency is used. This treatment involves,

  • Eliminating toxins using Detoxifying grainage
  • Toning of the muscle in neck and face is done using muscle stimulation
  • Face rejuvenation is achieved through lifting and energizing facial massages.

One can feel radiant complexion and glowing skin after they undergo this hydradermie lifting treatment. There will be immediate face lift effect though this treatment. Facial counters are redefined using this treatment. One more advantage is this process will reduce the wrinkles and lines on face. Finally a healthier looking skin is ensured by hydradermie lift treatment.

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