We are always conscious of staying healthy or maintaining a balanced diet for our body. But, ever thought about what food our brain needs? Only a few are concerned about this and think about this. Intellect is the central nervous system that controls all the operations in our body to function correctly. So, it is essential to feed the mind with the correct food. That helps to improve our brain activities like memory, reflex, quick learning, and reference, etc.

The first thing required is the proper breakfast which should necessarily be healthy. This helps in an adequate circulation of blood through the brain as well as through the entire circulatory system of the body. Green leafy vegetables and oyster are very good for proper brain functioning. Oyster is one seafood with the right amount of magnesium, minerals, and proteins which helps in contributing towards a good memory.

Certain vegetables have the quality of removing harmful radicals that adversely affect the brain functions. Some of them among those are broccoli, spinach, and other purple fruits. Vegetables and fruits that have deep colours like deep red, blue or orange are found to be best foods for the brain. Tomato is a vegetable which is found to have a lot of lycopene in which is even having the capability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Another thing which can be avoided is smoking because this negatively impacts the brain memory when done for a prolonged period. Another bad habit that adversely affects the brain functioning. Consumption of alcohol is a strict NO when it comes to the health of the brain.

The generation today is having the huge of Insomnia where the main reason is the reduced amounts of fat intake. So, it’s significant that the oil intake is maintained, especially Olive oil to improve the efficacy of our brain. The increased stress and tensions in our day to day life has resulted in the decreased brain productivity. It is essential to opt for a regular workout session, meditation or any exercise to reduce the stress level. A good night’s sleep is very crucial when brain efficacy is the question because it is during this sleep time that our brain stores all the experiences and learnings in its memory space, we had during the day.

The most important trick is to include turmeric powder, garlic, and other choline-containing food in your diet as these serve as anti-oxidants to enrich the brain. It is advisable to avoid soft drinks as this can impact the brain health. You may intake a lot of fresh water instead which helps in filling the brain cells with ample oxygen which can make them function for a prolonged time.

Fish and meat are another reliable source of brain food. Fishes like salmon and tuna are the best among the lot. Peanuts, milk, soya and other food rich in protein should be the part of the daily diet.

Food that has good selenium source like an egg can contribute towards a good temper for the brain. Yogurt is yet another source rich in protein for brighter brain energy and functioning.

Blue-Green algae can be taken in our diet which can help in fuelling the brain functions and sustaining the energy for a long time. It has a lot of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and minerals available in abundance in it. Brain stamina is found to be increased due to the intake of this alga which helps the brain to stay alert always. Chlorophyll and Vitamin B12 which is located in large quantity in these food items can be significantly helpful in repairing the nervous system.

Thus, energize your brain with all these foods and rejuvenate yourself to be more productive and active in your life.

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