Dentures are a great option for a wide range of people who have missing teeth. Whether the teeth are missing due to accident, injury, poor dental health, or genetics, the fitting of a quality-made denture can help give people back their self-confidence in social situations, reduce their anxiety, and even help with depression. The biggest problem for people who have a set of dentures installed for the first time is that they can be difficult to adjust to and get used to.

A Problem with Your Dentures?

If you have recently had a set of new dentures installed for the first time, you may find them a bit tough to get used to. This period of adjustment can be addressed by visiting denture after care in Nottingham and talking to them about any problems you may be experiencing.

One of the biggest issues that people with new dentures face is the fact that they feel bulky in the mouth, but a denture aftercare specialist can advise on how to cope with dentures, and how these initial feelings can be relieved. Consider the following common advice:

  • Physical adjustment: A new set of dentures will feel different in the mouth. They will feel bulky and perhaps even a little cumbersome. This is to be expected since it is effectively a foreign object that the mouth will need to get used to. The adjustment period is different for everyone and it will pass in time. Patience is required during this stage.
  • Speech: Apart from the strange mouthfeel associated with a new set of dentures, people often report having slurred speech or experiencing trouble talking. Once more, as the mouth adjusts to the dentures, speech will improve and the tongue will quickly learn new positions.
  • Food: It is always a good idea to eat soft food and drink plenty of liquids for a few days while the mouth adjusts to the dentures. Eating bulky or solid foods during this time can make the dentures feel worse in the mouth.
  • Cleaning: It is also important to follow cleaning instructions when it comes to new dentures. Food can become trapped in and around them, and when not cleaned properly or regularly, this can be the cause of a bad smell.
  • Soreness: It is very common for people with new dentures to experience soreness on specific areas of the gum line. Dentures are made of a high grade surgical plastic, but because they are hard, the gums will need to adjust to the feel of them. Sore areas are almost inevitable, but this period will pass.

Ensuring That Your Dentures Last

A new set of dentures can lift self-confidence and improve a smile, but it is important to seek professional aftercare if there are any concerns or problems. It is inevitable that there will be a period of adjustment, and it is important to understand that this period varies for everyone. Though there are a number of common issues that may be experienced after dentures have been installed, it is also true that everyone will experience them differently.

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