What are the Detox Foot Patches?

Detox Foot Patches are made up of many ingredients. Most are made with all natural ingredients like tourmaline and eucalyptus. When it comes to Detox Foot Patches, the quality varies from brand to brand.

Do your research as one should do before they purchase any product. Below is an example of some ingredients in a Detox Foot Patches.

  • Oak Vinegar
  • Bamboo Vinegar
  • Tourmaline
  • Houttuynia Cordata
  • Eucalyptus

Now we know Detox Foot Patches are constructed with all natural ingredients. Since there are so many options you have a choice of what ingredients you want in your patches.

Consult a doctor before use just in case you are allergic to an ingredient in the patches.

Why The Feet?

The feet are used because… well what the Chinese always said “it is the bodies, second heart”. The feet hold many different lymph nodes. In fact, each part of the foot controls various organs in the body. The Chinese say the feet are the bodies, second heart because it serves as a pumping station where the blood flows vertically to the feet but then pushes back up to the torso. Since the body uses sweat to cool itself off, the Detox Foot Patches takes advantage of this process and absorbs the sweat that the body produces. This is how the patches work, by collecting the sweat from the feet while sleeping and then one can test the patch to check what pollutants or allergens they are coming in contact with daily.

How To Use Detox Foot Patches

Its night time and you have chosen the right Detox Foot Patch for you, Open the box and grab one. Peel the thin sticker type layer off. Place on the arch of your foot and press the sticky sides down so it is stuck to your foot. If you have poor circulation try applying the patches 2 hours before bedtime when the blood is still flowing nicely.

Length Of Time The Patch Should Be Worn

During the first week, the patches should be worn every night. After the first week, use the Detox Foot Patches once or twice a week. Following up with the maintenance program can provide good results. If you see that the patch is becoming cleaner, change the spot of the patch. The Detox Foot Patches can be placed on your toes, the heel, temple, hands, neck or anywhere the body sweats and has a lymph node.

To recap, Make sure you do the research before you purchase your Detox Foot Patches. Ingredients are important so make sure to check all active components. Detox Foot Patches has been growing in popularity recently. It seems to be a new trend that people want in on. When you have your own patches and before settling in bed, slap a patch on and wait for the magic. It may surprise you what is on that patch in the morning but it is always better to know. Detox Foot Patches can be an alternative way to cleanse the body. I would try it, would you?

Reference: https://bodypure.us

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