Have you been suffering from a sore back and neck lately because you have to carry heavy things around all day or you are sitting in front of a computer working? Are you sick of the aches and pains in your tight hamstrings? The good news is that having a deep tissue massage can help to relieve many of these aches and pains and get you back on track.

Why Have a Massage Anyway?

If this story sounds familiar, the good news is that an experienced Thai massage in Bristol could be your ticket to feeling good again and getting rid of those tight muscles, neck aches, and headaches. Here are some benefits of a deep tissue Thai massage:

  • Circulation: If you sit all day doing your job or you’re overweight, chances are that you have poor circulation in some areas of your body. A deep tissue massage can help to stimulate the blood vessels and tissues in the area and improve circulation. This can help to heal soft tissue injuries faster.
  • Pain Points: Our muscles and connective tissues can become tight and knotted. A massage can help to relieve these areas through manual stimulation and the release of endorphins into the bloodstream through the excitation of specific pain points.

It’s Simply Good for You

We all experience stiff muscles from time to time but many people experience chronic issues related to poor posture and injuries. A deep tissue massage can help to relieve many of these aches and pains, free up tight muscles and connective tissues, and improve circulation.



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