Having a good night rest is everybody’s pleasure and comfort. It is a gift that everyone should enjoy despite a busy schedule and burn-out. We as working people we are preoccupied with a lot of things that sometimes would hinder our privilege to have a healthy and balanced sleep. One thing we could be able to understand is that we are prone to stresses and one recourse is to have a proper sleep diet.

But how are we going to suffice of fix those distorted sleep cycle? Could it be possible to address this kind of dilemma in which many individuals are into this kind of situation? Well, there are some suggestions that will enable you to cater to this undertaking. This would probably help you to create an ample time with this regard. These are as follows:


Every one of us has this extra luggage which causes us to think too much and in that our sleep is affected. We are referring to overthinking and reacting to some simple matter that would create stress and distortion to our healthy mindset. Many of us living in a complicated world that would trigger our wanting to give importance to this bizarre idea. Why not think of productive things that would compose you as an individual, think of the things that would develop your personal identity like making most of your time to have a good relationship with other people.

Take time to mingle with those positive people, surround yourself with those whose life clings to what life may offer good things. Unload those heavy burdens that would pull you out to your capacity to have a healthy ambiance. Remain your post as it is to make a change not only in one area but in every aspect of your life.


Choosing our battle sometimes is inimical and it is hard to do as we human are opinionated, in every situation that has happened around us we tend to respond and react based on our capacity and capability to relate to the specific situation in which we are in. in choosing your battle you need to consider that not all the battle you are facing daily you need to fight for it, there are battles that you need to allow those battle to fight in their own and not with your own strength and might that later would cause you to have distorted sleep cycle.

It is very important that we need to have a discerning spirit to be sensitive to whatever circumstance we are about to face day by day. Regulate your sense of intrapersonal communication to have an instant assessment of your daily activity and routine. Leave a positive impression not only to yourself but to those people who trust you that much.


This has something to do with your personal judgment of yourself in any endeavor you will have to trod. The more confident you are the better vibes you may take out of it. Sometimes we ought to forget what can we do can on what we are in times of difficulties and this is one factor of having a hard time to sleep. Avoid entertaining presumption to relax your mind. You are what you think and you are what you become, this would mean that your gestures will tell you who you are amidst the crown and it is them to make pre-judgment of who you really are.

Make use of your time to important spot for you to regain and restore health and it will make you a worthy individual to a lot of opportunities may about to come. Composing means imposing and imposing means engaging to a nourished and relatable issue in your life that would give your favor in the way it should be. Keep your fire burning as passion resides in you as a strong individual.


Therefore, I propose that coming up with this distorted sleep cycle is that you need to think that day is new every morning and every morning brings you a good opportunity to embrace good luck and a good day for the rest of it. Everything can be fixed if we are willing to cooperate and to allow some changes in our routine. It is important that you knew what you are doing and where you go far off.

Live a life to the fullest, meaning make the most of your time to mobilize every potential you have to interfere with whatever life can throw along with. Finally, develop a sense of irresponsibility in whatever may the result of your doing as you are leaning on the upward way of your career and path towards the fullness of your success in whatever field you are in this corporate world. Be a man of courage as it is your passes towards life reality.

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