Nolvadex is a powerful supplement also identified as the Selective-Estrogen-Receptor Modulator (SERM) that mostly referred to as the anti-estrogen. While being specified as an antagonist, it is also recognized as agonist since it can also act as estrogen in some areas of the body as it also acts as anti-estrogen at the same time in other parts.

Nolvadex is among the oldest SERM’S in the market that still used mostly as medicine. In addition, it’s also applied by anabolic steroid users but not the anabolic steroid. It is important to note this since most people are frequently confused due to its application in the cycle of steroid. Thus, you should always buy Nolvadex from a certified pharmacist.

Most bodybuilders apply Nolvadex because other than being used to prevent gynecomastia as well as reducing fat and water retention, it also greatly assists the bodybuilder to obtain a skin structure. Nolvadex also has another alternative used to increase the production of endogenous testosterone which is specifically common at ultimate stage of the cycle.

Nolvadex Prescriptions

Doctor’s prescription it should be thoroughly considered while taking Nolvadex supplement. It should be taken with a glass of water without exceeding the prescribed dosage. A recommended tamoxifen dosage is 20 to 40 milligrams each day taken in one dose or in two divided doses. It can either taken with or without food.

Nolvadex Precautions

You must consult your pharmacist before you take Nolvadex supplement so as to avoid the potential cases of allergic reactions. When Nolvadex is being you used for medication, the patient should carefully be monitored in case of unusual vaginal bleeding, menstrual period changes, high blood pressure or pelvic pain. Since it can increase the chances of cancer, before using the medication, make sure you’ve told your doctor about your medical history particularly cases of high cholesterol limited ability of walking, diabetes, smoking, high-blood-pressure, cataracts and liver disorders.


Breastfeeding or pregnant women and patients with a hypersensitivity to Nolvadex should not use this supplement. Eye disease patients, leukopenia, hyperlipidemia, thrombocytopenic, severe thrombophlebitis, hyperkalemia, and thromboembolism must be monitored as well.

Nolvadex Side effects

The common drawbacks of using Nolvadex are hot flashes, vomiting, mild nausea, weight gain, bone pain, unusual menstrual periods, skin rashes, leg cramps, lightheadedness, skin or yellow eyes, vision changes, itching, swelling of the tongue, face, throat, serious dizziness, and breathing difficulties.

 However, the list of the side effects is endless. There are other possible strange side effects and just in case you might notice one, visit your doctor without delay.

Drug interaction

This drug can result in abnormalities in blood tests and liver. Therefore, a regular monitoring of drawbacks results from using Nolvadex is recommended. A patient should consult a doctor in case of any strange

Missed Dose

You should take a missed dose soon as possible and if it almost of another intake, just skip and resume your previous schedule.


Seek an emergency assistance once you’ve realized the overdose intake on any drug. Some symptoms of overdone may comprise: shaking, irregular heartbeat, unsteady walking etc.


 This medicine should be Stored at room temperature between  (20 – 25 C) to (68-77 F).


It must be noted that some medical information presented on websites comprise general character. Hence, those kinds of information shouldn’t be used for any self-remedy or diagnosis. You must consult your doctor or health adviser always concerning whichever particular instruction on your condition.

You can rely on this information but some might contain mistakes. Therefore, the author or company are always not responsible for any indirect or direct, special or harm that comes as result of applying 6the information on the site or whichever consequences of treatment.

How to Buy Nolvadex online

Before you buy Nolvadex online you should start your treatment with Genox, and the day after medication, buy Nolvadex online all included when beginning the weeks the finals.

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