In case you hadn’t noticed, the summer is here – and what a summer it is. Super hot and dry, record temperatures, and more of the same to come. But hot weather or not, there’s still plenty to do – and much of it we’d prefer to be doing with less of the extra pounds in tow. Do you have summer weddings ahead? Perhaps even a dress to fit into? Are you going away on holiday for some (more) sun, sea and sand?

If the answer is yes, then there’s every chance you’re looking for a quick weight-loss regime to help you hit optimum health and fitness before the big day, weekend or week. That issue of health, however, remains: losing weight quickly is one thing; doing so healthily and responsibly is another.

So how to go about losing a significant amount of weight in a short time without sacrificing your health and wellbeing. Or, better still, how to lose weight in a short time in a way that actively improves your health, how you look and feel? Can it even be done?

Here, we look at the best ways to get fitter and slimmer while staying healthy, bright eyed, and full of energy.

1. Realistic expectations

First of all, if you wish to lose weight responsibly in a short period of time, you need to establish responsible, reasonable expectations, goals and targets. How could you reasonably expect to shed stones of weight if you only have a month to do it? Furthermore, how exactly should you measure your progress? In weight alone, or would it be better to focus instead on inches around the waistline?

In order to stay in healthy shape throughout, it is best to set weekly targets, bearing in mind that weight can fluctuate a lot throughout the daytime, and since for this reason day-to-day weighing is not a reliable way of observing progress, your waistline can be a better way to see how you are getting on.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is extremely beneficial, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. That said, you don’t have to be a member of the gym in order to improve on your daily levels of activity. While the gym is great for some people, many of us should focus more on the simple things, such as a daily walk, regular swimming, or light sports such as golf.

If you are in a position to practise more intense forms of regular exercise, it’s more important to do it regularly than one intense session before falling back into the old routine. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym as much as you would like, team sports can be the answer – perhaps, for example, weekly football with friends. When you are at the gym or doing sport, be sure to utilise that time with commitment, giving attention to your whole body, and keeping very well hydrated throughout. Be aware that if you are doing this during a heatwave, you should try to find place and/times of day where you will be least affected by the heat, which should be taken seriously as a potential health risk.

3. Reduce portions

While exercise is highly recommended, the best and most direct way to lose weight is simply to eat less. It is your calorie intake that is the single largest contributing factor to any weight gain or loss that you may experience, so, as with all things that you practise, seek to establish sensible, manageable goals that responsibly reduce the amount that you consume. Be strict, but also be forgiving. One fall of the wagon won’t do you harm and should be no reason to be disheartened, as long as you understand that a quick return to your reduced portions is essential if you are to successfully lose a few pounds.

4. Healthier eating

Just as smaller portions are crucial, so is healthier eating. This means less bad fats, cutting out any junk food, including soft drinks. It also means that you should stop eating things such as bread and sweets, as well as any meals high in salt or sugar. Instead, base your meals on whole grains, vegetables, as well as small, healthy portions of fruit each day. Less snacking and more complete meals will make an enormous difference.

  1. Healthier routines

By establishing and sticking to these healthier routines, you can realistically hope to have a big impact on how you look and feel in a short space of time. Then, once your month is up, why stop there?

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