As per the latest survey and the information collected from Stony Brook University, it has been found that within $97,000 to $241,000 is the periodontist average salary 2017.


    One must be curious to know what are the things which can affect the salary of a periodontist.

  • Work place is considered as one of the important factor, because depending upon the place of work, how the peoples are what are the conditions of that work place, how much willl be the expenditure required creates a vast difference in the amount of salary.
  • More experienced you are the more expectation in salary you get as per the periodontist average salary 2017.
  • One should have the ability and perfect skills to handle any situation in that field and basing upon that salaries are fixed.
  • Location of the place also proves to be a criteria. If the location is on a good place, then its maintenance charges, transportation charges extra expenses affects the salary on a big scale.


    Salaries are varied in terms of working conditions as follows:

  • Professional practicing in their own private place can get up to $306,000 annually.
  • And those who practice under academic and research centres can get salary between $111,000 to $212,000 annually.
  • And those who work under any hospital they will be getting salary ranging from $102,000 to $197,000 and those in private clinics can get within $105,000 to $215,000 annually.
  • Depending upon the local conditions also salary may vary. In urban areas there is much more scope as compared to rural areas, similarly salary is quite higher of the periodontist in urban areas as compared to rular areas.

        The salary of a periodoontist is considered as the highest salaries amongst all the health care jobs in that particular medical field. But not only it provides a good amount of salary it carry out the best result out of it. One must attain that position after struggling from a plenty period of time, working hard to achieve success and after crossing many hurdles you can be a good periodontist.


      Periodontists basically deals with dental part of the body.It covers a larger aspect in the field of dental activities. Specialized doctors are appointed to carry out perfect results from easier to critical cases. They can deal with all types of dental procedures and activities, some of them are listed below:

  • Treating all types of problems faced by the teeth and diagnosing it carefully.
  • Not only the teeth but also the adjoining parts of the teeth like pain and problems in gums and jaws can also be treated by them.
  • To get a beautiful and healthier smile several cosmetic surgeries can be done.
  • If the teeth is completely destroyed, the teeth can be replaced with a better one.


  After the completion of the required degrees one must get a chance to admit in the preferred college then he/she must have highest scores DAT, letters of recommendation, and good scores in bachelor’s degree program.

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