CBD is one of the best natural remedies for various health problems. It has been proved through various studies and experiments that CBD not only helps human beings, but it’s just as useful for animals as well. If you want to use CBD for pets, you will find that both CBD oil and other CBD treats, specifically for pets, are available on the market. However, many people wonder if treats are a better choice or if oil is. Here’s why CBD oil can be more useful and convenient to use than CBD treats for your pet.

Treats Fail in Loss of Appetite

When loss of appetite is the problem, most of the time, CBD treats don’t prove to be as helpful. This is because since your pet wouldn’t want to eat anything, it would naturally feel repulsed by treats as well. CBD helps in dealing with digestive problems and altering neurotransmitter levels associated with appetite regulation. However, this can only be achieved when your pet ingests CBD. It would also become extremely difficult to force your pet to eat a CBD treat. If it’s CBD oil, you can conveniently mix it in anything and have your pet to consume it.

CBD Oil is Easy to Carry Around

When you travel with your pet, always carrying CBD treats would not be as convenient as traveling with a tiny bottle of CBD oil. CBD oil comes in different bottle a size which makes carrying them wherever you’re going quite easy. Even as you carry a packet of CBD treats, your pet might not always be in a mood to snack on them. Instead of unpacking a CBD treats packet and getting your pet to eat it when it’s practically impossible, CBD oil can be a much better option.

Lesser Chances of Wastage

With CBD treats, the biggest problem is that pets tend to waste a lot of them. They might play with the CBD treats instead of eating them. While eating, your pet might even crumble half of the treats and leave it useless. On the other hand, your pet can’t waste CBD oil that easily. When you mix CBD oil in water or liquid stuff, that is the only time your pet would find a chance to spill it and waste it. When your pet is cranky and when you mix CBD oil to water, try using a bottle to feed your pet water so that there is no wastage.

Can be Mixed with Anything

While it’s still easy to convince humans and even children to have medicines, you can’t do much about pets if they refuse to have something. The best thing about using CBD oil for pets is that it can be mixed with almost anything. The best CBD oil for pets come in a neutral flavor, so your pet does not feel a peculiar taste in the food you use to mix the CBD oil.

These are ways in which CBD oil is better to be used for pets than CBD treats. You can mix CBD oil in your pet’s regular food. In case of loss of appetite, you can mix it in water and give it to your pet when it feels thirsty. There are quite a few ways to get your pet to have CBD oil as compared to CBD treats. All you must do is weigh your pet and the amount of CBD oil it would need to feel the effects. You can start off by using the least amount of oil that is recommended. Wait for about 15 minutes and see how your pet responds to it. Based on that, you can increase the dose or stick to the same dose.

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