There are different causes of back pain and muscle tension, and you will have to deal with it at one point or another. It is a good idea to know some natural ways to deal with them when you experience it. The good thing is that you can deal with these problems more naturally without having to spend a lot of money. It can be uncomfortable and can affect your productivity at work. The discomfort will also affect your performance in other areas of your life. Using these natural treatment options will provide you with fast relief. Here are some of the natural ways you can relieve your back pain and muscle tension.

Regular Massages

Massages have been shown to help in promoting circulation, easing stress, and relaxing muscles. It has also been shown to boost endorphins, which is the pain reliever produced by the body. You will need to talk to the massage therapist about the problems you are having so they can be able to provide the best possible massage session. If you don’t feel comfortable with a massage, then you can consider using a massage chair because it has also been shown to be effective. Many people have been able to see their back pain reduce or even go away after getting a massage.

Changing your sleeping position

If you have a hard time trying to soundly sleep, then you should consider trying out the different sleeping position. Choosing a reclining position when sleeping will be able to reduce the stress on your lower back. If you find this to be uncomfortable, then get an adjustable bed. Try out and see if it works before you can purchase one. You can also opt for wedge-shaped cushions because they are inexpensive and can help you sleep in a reclining position.

Taking a long and hot bath

You should not underestimate the soothing power of hot bath when it comes to aches and pain. When taking a hot shower, your muscles get the chance to relax enough and allows stretching. While bathing can be relaxing for most people, there are those who will find it hard to sleep after they have taken the bath. This is why it is a good idea to take a bath about two to three hours before you go to bed. For better relaxation, take a bath cushion and use it in supporting the back while you are in the tub.

Water therapy

Water therapy has continued to be a great exercising option for people who have a hard time exercising. This is because you get the benefits of exercising without going through a lot of pain. The temperature of the water in such session is usually regulated and this can range between 83 degrees to 88 degrees. Find out if there is a water therapy class near you then sign up. You will sign an improvement in your body and also less pain on your back. Your muscles will also be able to relax.

Relaxing and Deep Breathing

This can sound like something that is too simple to be effective, but it is the first thing you need to try out if you have muscle tension. This is the thing you need to do before the muscle tension turns into pain. Knowing how to relax and incorporating stress-busters into your life will prove to be very helpful especially if you are susceptible to muscle tension and pain. Even if you don’t have a problem with muscle tension and pain, learning to do it will prove to be a healthy approach. You might find it hard at first, but it will get easier with time.

Deep breathing should start in your diaphragm. To practice doing this, sit in a straight-up manner with your hands resting gently on the abdomen. Take deep breathes through the nose and out through the mouth in a slow manner and do this about five times at different points of the day. Your muscles will have a fresh supply of oxygenated blood. You will also start to feel your mind is at ease.


There are some people who achieved muscle relaxation and their backs were no longer hurting because they incorporated yoga into their lives. Yoga has been shown to keep the mind focused while stretching your muscles, which will help in releasing tense muscles. There are people who have been able to find out that doing a couple of poses at night before going to bed and morning as soon as they get out of bed helped in reducing muscle tension. This will be especially the case if you are dealing neck, shoulder, or head tension or pain.


This is an ancient therapy treatment that has been around for thousands of years. This is a process where tiny and very thin needles are inserted through the skin in different locations of the body. This is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and it is commonly used in the treatment of pain. If you decide to go with this approach, ensure you have chosen a certified provider. This means you have to invest time and effort in the process of choosing one since you will need to do some research before making your choice.

Moist Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is effective when used to manage chronic muscle tension and pain. This is because the heat helps the muscles to relax by encouraging blood flow to the area and results in reduced pain. When there is an increase in blood flow to the sore muscles, it helps in removing lactic acid build up in the muscles, which contributes to pain.

Take a heating pad with moist then put it on to the area then leave it there for twenty minutes at a time. Another option is applying a heat wrap around the area you feel pain and tension.

With the above treatment options along with, you will not have to worry about back pains and muscle tensions. If the problem persists, then it is a good idea to see your doctor because it might be a symptom of something more serious.

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