Hair fall – Is it a very common phenomena?

There are many questions which pertain to hair fall, but what experts say is that, hairfall is a very common phenomena. It occurs almost on a daily basis, and hence there is nothing to worry, if this natural metabolic phenomenon is within control.

However, in certain cases, hair fall increases till a large extent, and this is when you should worry about. As per the opinion of medical experts, hair fall can result from a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins are vital to control the metabolic cycle of the human body hence are understood to be essential. Excessive loss of hair can lead to baldness, and hence this condition needs to be treated urgently. Please note that, permanent baldness cannot be cured and hence needs to be addressed through hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation services are becoming very common, and Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi remain to be popular for such services. As a matter of fact, hair transplant surgery in Kochi is gradually coming up as popular services.

Controlling hairfall through supplements – what do you need to know?

Experts claim that a proper and a rich diet are very much in demand in order to control hair fall in human beings. Here, in this blog, we mention certain supplements which actually work in favor of controlling hair fall in humans.

Below mentioned are the supplements:-

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A augments hair growth, and hence is essential towards the growth of hair. Vitamin A can be found in various foods such as red meat, leafy veggies and especially carrots. Carrots are in fact very useful and it provides the correct nutrition that is required in order to control or arrest hairball.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B or B complex is extremely important in order to augment growth of hair. Several products available in the market consist of vitamin B ingredients. As per expert opinions loss of hair is caused due to extreme stress and vitamin B helps in reduction of stress as such. At the same time, vitamin B is extremely useful towards controlling natural process of ageing.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C and its deficiency can create major hazards.  Experts claim that vitamin C can nourish your hair till a large extent, and absence of vitamin C in the diet can result in excessive dryness and fall of hair. Consuming warm water with lemon can help you in terms of enriching your hair as lemon contains a lot of vitamin C.

  1. Vitamin D

Hormonal imbalance can augment hair fall, and Vitamin D can actually help in reducing hormonal imbalance. Vitamin D supplements can be taken through a medical prescription or else you can get exposed in the sun.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is famous for its abilities to soften the skin. In addition to augmenting growth of hair, Vitamin E can make your hair soft and silky till a large extent. Green leafy vegetables and nuts are wonderful supplements which can provide you with essential vitamins.

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential towards a healthy hair growth as because it helps in rejuvenation of scalp cells. Fish oil can help in an improved dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids, but consumption of walnuts can also help in better absorption of omega 3 fatty acids.

  1. Folic acid

Folic acid is an essential   ingredient, as it rejuvenates the body. A very important function of Folic acid is to prevent ageing and it also aids in hair loss. Folic acid is found in requisite amounts in items like eggs, meat, fish, legumes, beans, cereals, yeast, tomatoes, mushroom, green leafy vegetables, bananas and dairy products respectively.


Lysine remains to be an important constituent of protein which can augment growth of hair till a large extent. Protein remains to be an important constituent of hair and the daily required dosage is 500 mg as has been stated by the experts.


Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is an omega 6 fatty acid. This is an essential oil which promotes growth of hair through daily consumption.


Zinc is important for maintaining hormonal balance. This is also important for proper absorption of vitamins. Zinc is actually required in order to prevent thinning of hair and loss of cells from the scalp. Therefore a daily minimum dosage is required in case you are planning to take care of hair as well as your scalp.

These ingredients are suggestive; therefore you are requested to consult a doctor in order to get the right and the minimum dosage of the ingredient. Remember that, hairball is a temporary condition in most of the cases and can be resurrected through proper diet and lifestyle management mechanisms.

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