Whitening of teeth commonly known as bleaching is a procedure prescribed or done by a dentist to make the teeth clear from strains and color.  Apart from the many reasons people get their teeth bleached there also involves some risks. Interestingly people engage in the whitening without finding out if there is any side effect or risks involved. For that reason this article is going to highlight the risks involved in whitening of teeth.

Most of the risks involved in bleaching are associated with the product or the procedure they followed. Furthermore, understanding the risk involved in bleaching will help when you are making your decision.

Now let look at the possible risks involved with whitening your teeth.

Bleaching products

This includes the misuse or the wrong use of the whitening products. When you have decided to whiten teeth at home using the recommended products, it is recommended to follow strictly the procedure. Hence misuse may damage the cavity or even the enamel of the teeth.

In addition, you can also cause server health issues on the gum and tissues in the mouth.

Nevertheless a proper use of recommended products can cause no harm.


Secondly the risk of high sensitivity on your teeth can be felt after the procedure. This is caused by wrongly using of the products. Furthermore the ingredient made for bleaching can be concentrated for your teeth. 

Sensitivity can sometimes be painful especially if the enamel has been exposed. This can be felt when you are eating or drinking.  Consequently to avoid this risk I would recommend the procedure to be done by a specialist.

Gum irritation

These are commonly felt by people who use peroxide products to whiten their teeth. Although some of this symptoms are sort lived a few cases may persist and may result to seeking help from a dentist. Additionally the gum irritation can be associated with sharp pain. Unfortunately the risk only affects a few people.


The procedure may not be able to completely make your teeth white. There are some stains which are permanent and the procedure may not bring out the result that you desired.  Moreover you might be asked to attend several sessions in order to remove all the stains.

Before you engage in a whitening procedure I would recommend you to see a dentist who will show the way forward and advice you on the correct procedure.

Generally bleaching involves a few risk which can be avoided by proper and correctly following a dentist’s recommendation and procedures. In addition to the above risks, teeth whitening are not permanent since you have to visit the dentist on a regular.  This is fuelled by the habits of people in engaging in habits that stain their teeth for instance smoking of tobacco.

To sum up, we can conclude that not all stains and discoloration can be completely removed with bleaching. Nevertheless the correct procedure and the use of recommended bleaching product you can avoid risks associated with whitening of teeth.

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