What is CNH ear?

CNH, or Winkler’s Disease, is a painful and chronic condition affecting the ear. It initially presents itself as a small red patch of skin on the outer ear and over time transforms into a lesion or pressure sore. This is an ongoing process which progressively deteriorates over time, ultimately resulting in an open sore.

The reason this occurs is a combination of pressure and friction acting against the skin of the ear. This rubbing action causes the skin to break down over an extended period, sometimes years. Once the skin begins to deteriorate it is a process to arrest unless the pressure is removed.

The source of this pressure and friction is almost uniformly the fabric of a person’s own pillow, and it particularly affects those people that routinely sleep on their sides. Furthermore; the problem is exacerbated by age because the skin of the elderly is less resilient and capable of repair than that of the young.

How can I cure it?

Up until recently a cure was out of the question. Doctors, GPs and dermatologists would prescribe steroid creams and other anti-inflammatory ointments in the hope that this would allow the skin to repair. However, the root of the problem remained unaddressed. That being the pillow itself.

Enter the CNH pillow.

A CNH pillow is a pillow specially designed with CNH in mind. As outlined above; the central issue with CNH ear is the pressure a conventional pillow exerts against the ear causing deterioration of the skin. The simplest and most effective way to remedy this is to make it so that the ear is no longer subject to such pressure. This is done by putting a hole in the pillow for the ear to rest in.

This hole allows the ear to rest comfortably away from the fabric whilst also supporting the rest of the head. This allows the ear to heal 24 hours a day rather than it healing during the day only to be degraded each evening.

Effective cure for CNH.

This may sound remarkable but the beauty lies in its simplicity and the results speak for themselves. After having sold many thousands across the world, companies like The Original Pillow With A Hole Ltd have the experience and the feedback to know that this is a truly effective solution to CNH.

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