Over the few past decades, there has been significant growth in the number of adults suffering from lower back pain. The problem usually originates from a variety of reasons ranging from inflammation, to bulging or herniated disc to spasms in back musculature.. When it is caused due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve, it is known as sciatica and it is extremely hard to live with this pain. Your back is made up of many bones connected to each other. Sciatica is the widest and longest nerve in the body that extends from lower back, through the buttocks, and down the legs, with nerves which extend all the way to the feet. And consequently it not only cause pain in the lower back, but often extends all the way down the legs.

It is commonly occurred when a herniated disk compresses part of the nerve and often leads to inflammation, pain and some numbness in the affected leg. Age related changes like degenerated discs and bone spurs are common causes of sciatica. There are many other conditions that can cause sciatica or sciatica type problems such as pregnancy, scar tissue, car accident injury, infection, spinal tumor, fraction, ankylosing, spondylitis etc. It has been found in researches that those who are obese, overweight or smoke are at added risk of developing severe sciatica. Tobacco or any kind of nicotine intake also significantly contributes to disc degeneration.

Acute sciatica pain treatment

  • Pain killers are usually used in the treatment of acute sciatica pain treatment. One can use Over-the-counter painkillers. However, not all pain killers are suitable for every one and one must review the options with their health care practitioner or general physician
  • Some of the self-care measures to get rid of sciatica pain are exercise and hot & cold compresses. Light exercise include simple stretching and walking
  • Hot or cold compression can be effective in reducing the pain.

Treatment for chronic sciatica

When sciatica is chronic, the sciatica pain treatment usually involves a combination of self-care measures, physical therapy and medical treatment:

  • Chiropractic, Physical therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy– It is focused on training people to reach differently to the pain.
  • Surgery is also an option if the patient is not responding to all the above treatments. These options usually includes following:
  1. Lumbar laminectomy focused on widening the spinal cord in the lower back
  2. Discectomy for partial or complete removal of a herniated disk.

However, surgery must be the last resort. Depending on the cause of sciatica, a surgeon will go over the risks and benefits of surgery and be able to suggest a suitable surgical option.

  • Spinal decompression therapy is an effective sciatica pain treatment that involves a computer driven gentle pumping action on the spine and disc with an aim to rehydrate the disc and relive back pain and/or leg pain. It is known as nonsurgical decompression therapy.

Chiropractic treatment has proven to be very effective in relieving pain and pressure on the sciatic nerve and lower back pain treatment. Pain killers and drugs have side effects in the long run, while surgery must be last resort when other treatments don’t work for the patients. Chiropractic care is the reasonable option for sciatica treatment. Most of the people are nowadays receiving chiropractic care for problems like being hurt in a car accident and sciatica pain treatment. Chiropractic techniques for relieving sciatica pain vary from a swift high velocity thrust to those combining gentle pressure and minimal force. It is an art requiring great skill and precision. One must look for reputed and skilled chiropractors to get the right treatment.

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