It is unfortunate that so many people in our country are facing addiction problems. These problems are ruining their health, relationships and lives. It is also unfortunate that these problems are getting worse each and every year. More than 24 million Americans are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions. Sadly, only a small percentage of those suffering the affects of addictions actually get the help they need from professionals like at a drug detox center in Callifornia such as the one found at

Problems Addictions Cause

Like stated earlier, millions across the country are facing addictions that are damaging their whole lives. They could be hurting themselves, their friends and family and their health. They could also be risking losing custody of their kids or perhaps losing their job. Drug and alcohol addictions will drain your finances and leave you not able to recognize your own life anymore once it gets a full hold on you. Additionally, a lot of people end up losing their lives because they didn’t get addiction help before it was too late.


One of the first and most common reasons why people don’t end up going to get professional help for their addictions is that they are in denial. It is the main reason why most addictions are able to continue thriving and destroying a person’s life. Addiction is a serious disease that can put up smoke and mirrors to keep you from seeing what your habits of smoking or drinking are doing to you and the ones you love. Sadly, many people can see that their lives are falling apart during their active addictions. However, many of those same people do not conclude that it is the substance that is leading to the issues. As an example, someone might lose a job or have a breakup and then use drugs or alcohol to deal with it and cope. However, this person might fail to see that the drugs or alcohol might have been the reason for the issue itself in the first place. They might see their addiction as a coping mechanism instead of the problem.


Another common reason why many people with addictions don’t get the help they need is because they are ashamed. It can be difficult and almost impossible for some people fighting an addiction to admit it to the people they care about. There is a negative stigma around having an addiction and needing to get professional help to fight it. Feeling shame is a very painful emotion and can create a huge barrier that keeps many people from seeking the help they need. A feeling of shame can lead to someone not thinking they even deserve to get help or treatment. This feeling needs to be overcome in order to get help.


For many, the fear of going to a rehab facility such as a Drug Detox Center in California is very real. It is not simply the fear of going through difficult withdrawals and shame. It is also the fear that recovery is only a stepping stone and the process to get and stay clean will be for the rest of your life. It is a commitment you will have to make to yourself each and every day. It will take courage, determination and motivation to admit you need help and then actually get it. Detoxing from a drug or alcohol addiction can be very physically hard and emotionally draining. Aside from the addiction itself, recovery can bring out many other painful memories or feelings to the surface you might have buried deep down inside of you for years. The idea of a lifetime of sobriety can seem too difficult and overwhelming to even consider, especially if you have tried to get help before and relapsed.

For those that are finding themselves stuck in active addictions, it can seem like the window of opportunity is very small. However, it is never too late to try and get help. The sooner you admit you need professional help and start to receive it, the better off you will be and closer to attaining the goals of getting clean. It is important to get help when you have the desire to. That determination and desire for help can fade very quickly. When you or a loved one feels you are in need of help, time is of the essence for a better chance of success in the long run. The professionals at treatment centers can walk you through every step you need towards a life of sobriety.

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