We have always chosen a path of improvement, we are uniquely designed and offering engineered products and system that meets safer healthcare standards globally. At Daniels Health we value about the lives of our customers. Our management services are time-tested to ensure we deliver unprecedented results in total cost reduction, and by aligning your needs, processes, training, and products.  We guarantee that we can deliver a far better solution than you currently have.

Our services include:

·        We partner with you

Our mission is to partner with you. At Daniels Health we deliver a dramatic shift from the traditional ‘loading dock’ approach that waste companies generally provide. We have a range of years’ experience thus we can help you develop waste plans that we will deliver in the short and long term. Services that are both cost efficiencies, sustainability and that meets your safety.

·        Making Healthcare Safer

Our vision aims at protecting people and communities, and at the same time minimizing healthcare-associated risk. Our previous customers and evidenced case studies and reviews help us to improve our services and products thus substantially improving the risk profile of all organization that generates and handle healthcare wastes.

·        Sustainability that delivers efficiencies

Through the collaboration of services, it has enabled us to achieve the highest standards of sustainability at the same time reducing the carbon emissions in the various industries. The composite solutions include:

  1. Products delivery
  2. Quality services
  3. Training companies and individuals

The company chooses reusable products to reduce environmental impact. Daniels healthcare has taken the healthcare to the next level through segregation training and offering revolutionary waste processing at the same time washing methods that are proven to achieve the highest levels of microbiological efficacy.

·        Systems that optimize waste efficiencies and lower cost

We are solution driven that always work to optimize the efficiencies of healthcare environments through process re-engineering, redefined waste handling methodologies and provision of smart logistical solutions. We produce a range of products and accessories that are engineered and customized to meet any space, movements or logistical challenges.

We have a unique tracking technology that provides intelligence on the movement of waste, thus allowing us to improve waste segregation and minimize volume usage.

We aim at a methodology that significantly improves day-to-day waste stream efficiencies at your home or your business facility or even your company.


At Daniels, we aim to make healthcare safer at all levels and improving our community in which we live in. we provide a safe management and disposal of sharps, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical, and RCRA waste.

We focus on the reduction of sharps and needlestick injuries. We have created a system that is unique, reusable sharps containers that are convenient for collection of sharps object such us syringes, needles, and scalpels. Studies done shows that this system is useful for reduction of injuries at clinically based setups. We aim at using sustainable environmental products and services. Hire us for quality services at your facility.

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