If you want to remove your glasses and contact lenses then you can go to Lasik kraff eye institute. They are one of the reputable professionals in Chicago. You can also visit their website and know more about their testimonial, procedures, pricing, doctors, and any other thing you want to know.

When you have decided to go for the treatment then follow some steps to prepare for the surgery.

First is to know what surgery will cost you

This surgery is considered elective treatment. Many insurance companies won’t cover the amount of the surgery if you see it in detail. You have to be prepared to pay for all your expenses that will take place. Choosing the surgery option is not a bad idea because your vision will be improved. Just remember to choose the correct doctor for your eye treatment.

Second is arrange a ride for you to reach home

When you are done with the treatment you will not be able to drive alone so it is advisable to arrange a ride or call someone to take you to your house. After the treatment is done you will feel the effects of medicines that are given to you before the treatment and your eye vision may be blurry for some time. You should take proper rest as much as possible after the surgery is done.

The third is don’t use any type of eye makeup

Don’t apply anything on your eyes like cream, perfumes, or any lotions on that day on your face also. Your surgeon will also instruct you to clear your eyelashes properly daily and do it more often in the days leading up to the treatment, to remove the debris as well as minimize the risk of infection. Make your eyes and face properly clean so that the surgery can be done without any complications.

If you are scared about the surgery then you can ask anything from the doctor they will clear everything for you. They will guide you on what things you have to do after the surgery if required.

You will also think that your career allows the Lasik treatment or not although there are now very less companies that prohibit their people to have refractive surgery. And if you feel like that then it is necessary to ask your employer first, professional society, and military service whether or not it allowed for you to go with the treatment.

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