For most women who want to use hormonal birth control, weight gain is a huge concern. One common mistake many women make is choosing a method of contraception because their friends recommended it to them or because everyone else is using it. Visit to see the various kinds of contraception you can use and determine which one works for you. Some studies state that hormonal contraception does not result in weight gain. However, some women report having gained considerable weight a few weeks or months after starting on a contraceptive.

How do you prevent weight gain from hormonal birth control?

It may be debatable whether a contraceptive is the cause of weight gain or it could be other factors associated with it. As studies indicate, estrogen levels in contraceptives increase appetite and cause you to retain more water, resulting in weight gain. The resulting estrogen levels in contraception have, however, reduced over the years, meaning you can only gain so much weight from using birth control.

If you are experiencing weight gain during contraception, it could be as a result of other factorssuchas changes in diet, routines, and metabolic changes. However, you can still relax while using birth control by doing thefollowing to keep your weight in check.

  1. Use low estrogen birth control pills

As much as the level of estrogen in hormonal pills has reduced over the years, you can keep safe by using birth controls with very low estrogen, or estrogen-free options. You may need to change our birth control if you are already using acontraceptive with high estrogen levels. Alternatively, ask your doctor to recommend a pill that has a lower dose of estrogen to help keep your weight in check.

  1. Be active

You cannot possibly gain weight if you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Move about a lot and avoid sitting for long hours. Even doing simple daily chores goes a long way in helping you keep a healthy weight. Check what you eat too. Consume a balanced dietand cut on the calories.

  1. It could be your gym routine

If you do more muscle-building workouts at the gym, you are more likely to record a weight gain because of the increase in muscle mass—which is mostly a good thing. In this case, you cannot blame your birth control method.

  1. Try a non-hormonal intrauterine device (IUD)

With estrogen-freeI UDs, you never have to worry about weight gain. IUDs are also effective. An IUD such as the Copper-T Paraguarí will serve you for a decade.

If you have noticed a weight gain since you started on your contraceptive, first give it some time. It could just be an increase in water retention, which should go away with time. If it does not, you can change your birth control methods and choose a more suitable one. The beauty of contraception today is that you have so many options to choose from, and you can always change to a more appropriate method.

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