There are people who are born with congenital diseases that affect the eyes and there are others who suffer from eye disorders later in life that damage their eyes. While some people will opt to wear eye patches and bandages, others will be open to using prosthetic eyes.

A prosthetic eye replaces an eye that has been damaged or removed using surgical procedures, such as, evisceration and enucleation. Also referred to as an artificial eye or a glass eye, a prosthetic eye offers benefits to a person who has permanently lost an eye from an injury or disease.

  1. Correcting Facial Functions

This is one significant benefit of a prosthetic eye. After an eye is removed after surgery, the eye socket becomes empty. If it will not be fitted with an ocular implant, tissues will fill the void and the eyelid will droop since the eye socket will close. With an artificial eye, it will replace the natural eye that has been surgically removed and tissues surrounding the eyes will have better anatomy. Facial structure problems will also be remedied. With a prosthetic eye in place, the upper eyelid will have support and keep its normal position.

  1. Regaining Self-esteem

Some people who have lost a body part, say, an eye can get depressed and get the feeling that they are not complete. This can lead to feeling inferior from others and eventually to losing their self-esteem. But with a prosthetic eye that looks symmetrical with the good eye and similar in appearance, this will be a big help in restoring their dignity and self-esteem.  This is because having an artificial eye makes them feel like they do not have a visible disability. With an ocular implant, they feel that they are visually the same as other people and will have a feeling of belongingness. More importantly, they will regain their self-esteem and be more comfortable being with other people again. When a society such as ours is very much based upon appearance and fitting in, those who have received an ocular implant report greater acceptance by their peers.

  1. Enhancing Physical Appearance

Perhaps, one of the obvious and immediate benefits of wearing a prosthetic eye is the improvement on how a person, who has been born with congenital eye disorder or has been in an accident and damaged an eye, looks. Children who have disabilities like eye disorders or a lost eye from a tumor can be bullied by other children who do not understand what kids with disabilities feel when laughed at or when treated indifferently. With prosthetic eyes, people who have lost an eye, will not have to worry of how they look since the ocularist will ensure that the artificial eye will have the same eye color, iris and appearance as the undamaged eye.

  1. Ensuring Comfort

Wearing an artificial eye provides comfort to the wearer because it prevents drooping eyelids as well as removes the physical stress of eye volume loss.

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