The recent trends in the health sector depict that there is an increasing number of people suffering from auditory problems. A lot of devices and treatment are available to cure these types of hearing problems. However, it is worthwhile to note that the quality of hearing healthcare is not the best as compared to other services of the health sector. There have been instances when there are conflicts between the care agency and the patients. Moreover, many patients are also considering the use of several hearing aids that are either inferior in quality or do not suit their type of auditory disease. By going through, one may find a wide variety of solutions related to their sensory problems.

Impact of poor service quality on patients in the hearing healthcare sector

The providence of poor service quality in the hearing health industry has profound implications on the society as well as on the patients. Since this is related to a large number of people in the community, it deepens the impact to a significant proposition. The personal implications of the poor service quality results in the not meeting of the needs of the service users, presence of low self-esteem and other injuries and fatalities related to ears. The social impact of poor service quality in the hearing healthcare consists of the different negative implications on the public health care system. This finally results in the spread of several auditory diseases and the creation of many health and safety issues that can have severe impacts on the patient. On the other hand, the professional implications include the various disciplinary actions that can be taken, prosecutions and fines.

Analyzing the potential barriers to delivering quality in the hearing healthcare

According to many hearing specialists, the creation of obstacles is part and parcel of the hearing healthcare. The different personal barriers comprise of the initiation of the overload of patients which result in creating a problem as the doctors are not able to devote enough time to each person. Moreover, a proper motivation of the staff is sometimes not present and results in creating hurdles and confusions in the minds of the staff as to what job to do. Also, the change in the policies and other structure of the healthcare sector is often met by resistance and further creates a barrier as it stirs a system that is already settled. On the other hand, by going through, one can find a wide variety of treatment-related to auditory diseases.

The absence of proper communication among all the levels of the staff results in the increase in ego problems and ultimately reduces the quality of service that is provided. Moreover, other social factors such as interpersonal relationship and the other risks also play a major role in creating barriers in the way of quality improvement of the hearing patients. There exist several financial barriers that are caused mainly because of factors such as recession and non-involvement of corporate investors in these sectors.

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